Sunday, February 28, 2010

LA Colors Color Craze - Power Outage

I was wondering around Westfield and found heaps of LA Colors nail polish at Beauty Base. They were only 99p each! In Australia they are $3 or less in the cheapo stores.

This is Power Outage from the Color Craze range. The colours are stunning! Check them out if you want fun nails that pop.

This is my first LA Colors polish and I'm impressed with the quality. The bottle and it's brush is similar to OPI. It applies smoothly and two coats gets it opaque. I LOVE IT!

The colour is hard to capture on camera. In real life it's more magenta than red (as seen in these pics). Power Outage is a vivid jelly polish. There is a hint of glitter that's barely visible where it shines.

It's a mystery colour that looks deep red but up close it's jewel magenta.

I think I've found my signature polish! *Happy dance*


  1. Just bought this color and love it!

  2. That's too funny, I just did a review on this same polish.... I couldn't agree more, the color AND quality is pretty awesome for such a cheap price!



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