Friday, May 20, 2016

20 Struggles Of Fine Haired Girls

1) Hair gets trapped in your watchband and you don't realise until you accidentally yank it out.
2) Strands of hair stick to your face and you can't find it without checking a mirror.
3) Your pony tail constantly falls out.
4) You need to wash or dry shampoo your hair every day.
5) Your goes limp after it's been curled or straightened.
6) You can see your scalp through your hair.
7) There's not enough hair to conceal a hair donut/sock bun.
8) Long hair must be tied up or it will catch onto things.
9) A haircut costs the same as someone who has more hair and takes more time to cut than yours.
10) After a few rounds of GHD, split ends appear.
11) You feel raindrops hitting your head hard.
12) Your scalp is extra sensitive to hairdryer heat.
13) You can't have bangs or you'll have hardly any volume in your hair.
14) Plaits or braids look like rats tails.
15) Hair appears glued to your head after it's been slept on.
16) Hair gets caught in your mouth or pasted over your sweaty forehead during a workout.
17) Brushing out knots causes more hair loss so sometimes you don't.
18) Any static causes flyaway strands to stand up on end.
19) You can't grow your hair beyond your armpits without it look straggly.
20) Watching your fine hair get even finer with age.


  1. I feel your pain, I wish I had lovely thick long hair!



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