Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Apparel Mount Royal

I have'nt posted in a while since my nails became thin and yellow. I had to give nail polish a rest so they can breathe. Now that I'm armed Sally Hansen Age Correct No Chip Top and Base Coat, it's time to get colourful!

I lemminged this colour after seeing it in JacieO's blog. I have it on for a few days now and I'm still at loss as to how I can describe this colour. Is it colbalt, indigo or violet sky? (OK I made up that last term.) The colour is retro, like in a sweater pattern from the 80s.

I ordered three American Apparel polishes so could'nt wait to try them all out. Next time in the US, I'll stock up. AA is much more exxy in the UK.

The quality if the nail polish is awesome. So creamy and pigmented. Not sure if the Sally Hansen deserves the credit for the staying power yet. I type all day at work and I'm rough on my nails. So far there are only a few tiny, non-noticeable chips.

However as long as my nails are protected from turning yellow, I'm satisfied!


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