Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ulta3 Nail Polish - Allure 2

For those born in the late 70s, do you remember this video clip?

It's Transvision Vamp, I Want Your Love. I was an impressionable young thing when this was in the charts. I adored the lead singer Wendy James' baby pink outfit, especially her matching lipstick.

While I don't have the skin tone to carry off this lip colour, I managed to find a similar shade in the form of nail polish by Ulta3.

What a find and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! Seriously girls, if you want a little pick-me-up, this is the stuff!

I've been looking for a pale nude and this is even prettier because it's creamy white with a smidgen of pink. It's almost the same colour as my pink Nintendo DS!

Surprisingly, this colour is also called Allure, according to it's bottle. (Check out my previous post on the other Allure by Ulta3.) The nail polish is great quality for a cheapie. Excellent colour saturation and staying power. It can be a bit streaky though. If you were patient and applied it evenly, this would'nt be a problem.

Ulta3 nail polishes are building up nicely in my collection. Stay tuned for more posts on these!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Op Shop Haul


All priced in AUD. Starting from the top, left to right:

Wicked Sista Aqua Toiletry Bag - Brand new with tag. I need a bathroom bag for an upcoming trip to Melbourne. The best feature is the detachable clear zip bag inside which you can carry in handbags. $1

Vintage Grey Leather Handbag - Retro design with adjustable strap so you can wear it long or short. Oddly has Russian words in gold print inside. I wonder who the original owner was? $2.50

Plaid Scarf - Classic print and super soft. $1

Striped Boatneck Top - I said no to this last week but at half price, I NEED it! $2

Satin Animal Print Cosmetic Case - Brand new with tag and the print is so damn cute. Could not resist for only 50c!

Rebecca Davies Designer Top - Desperately needing more warm clothes for work. This top is embellished with pretty lace and satin roses. $3.50

Awesome haul for $10.50!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Black and White Plaid Skirt

While it's hard to say no to a bargain, I'm painfully picky when it comes to buying from op shops. I check for flaws, make sure it fits perfectly and that I would actually wear more than once. 

One morning I said "no" the above plaid skirt. Went window shopping at Parramatta Westfield afterwards. Plaid was everywhere. 

I'm alarmed actually. Do people not worry about looking like bogans when they wear plaid hooded jackets?

Realised that I should have bought the skirt at the op shop since similar ones in the retail stores cost ten times as much.

I rushed back before the op shop closed to rescue my $4 AUD bargain. A fully lined, fitted skirt for winter. How could the original owner part with it? 

The design is cute and the plaid is timeless. Did'nt realise until I wore it in public, that the front slit was too revealing. Wish I knew how to add another buttonhole but I made do by sewing up the gap. 

This is now my favourite work skirt!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catwalk Lip Gloss Swirl (Limited Edition)

My friend bought this lipgloss from Catwalk Cosmetics and I lemming-ed. The compact packaging was appealing but I was sold by the adorable candy swirls!

The gloss itself is long lasting, non-sticky and moisturising. Smells delicious with a sherbet scent. Gives a plump, wet shimmer. Colourwise, it's an innocent sheer pearly pink. This will change when the applicator mixes the swirls together.

The swirl lipglosses from Catwalk are $5.95 AUD and is available from selected chemists. Comes in four colour combinations. I've used this quite a few times now and the swirls are still intact. So pretty, it's like a handbag accessory!

Vintage 80s Oversized Knit Cardigan

Winter is truly here. Today I made trip to St Vinnies and browsed through the knitwear with vigor.

Found a totally snuggable, slouchy teal knit cardi. It's super long but the batwing sleeves fit perfectly. The knit is multicoloured with red and navy flecks. 

While I've embraced the mainstream grandma cardigan look, this is one of a kind. Who cares if the style will be out of fashion by next season, it only cost $4.90 AUD! 

Ahhhh...I love Op Shops. Quality unique clothes for a bargain and supporting a charity. Plus it's environmentally friendly to recycle clothes.  

Each visit is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you'll find!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vintage Handbags

I was delighted to discover that St Vinnies has opened in Auburn. They had a 30% opening sale and there was ALOT of stuff in their inventory.

The above is a soft patent navy Faigen clutch ($2 AUD). I've been watching a lot of Sex And The City lately and Carrie's vintage handbags inspired me to buy this.

I recently saw the new Miu Miu stamped leather bag and remembered how practical long narrow strap purses are to wear. Isn't this cute?

Below is a another recent vintage bag purchase ($2.50 AUD). Not as satisying as the Miu Miu but it serves the current tartan trend and the strap does not annoyingly fall off my shoulder.


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