Sunday, February 27, 2011

All About Eyelash Perming

Hello from Sydney! So happy to be home after more than a year.

One of the first things I did was get my lashes permed at Nail Salon Koko in Wynyard. I used to get it done every few months there. The staff are Japanese and they really take care of you.

An ex-colleague recommended this place when I couldn't stop staring at her naturally long lashes. She had dolly-eyes and this was without mascara!

Eyelash perming is a godsend for those with straight lashes. Mine point downward and no matter how much I try to curl them, they quickly revert back to their stick form.

Perming enhances the look of short lashes because they are noticeable upturned. Best of all, you can kiss your curler goodbye until the permed lashes fall out in their normal lifecycle. For me the curled effect lasts six weeks.

You have a choice of perming rod sizes. I choose medium for a natural look but it depends on the length of your lashes.

They glue the foam rods close to your upper lash line and lashes over the rod with latex glue. This step takes the longest because it's an intricate job. I'm used to prodding around my eyes but for those who are sensitive, you must stay relaxed so they can get this right. It's very tricky! I let my eyes slightly open at this stage to make sure the lower lashes are not glued to the rod. Otherwise they will be wonky for the life of the perm.

A perming solution is applied and the lashes are covered with cling wrap and a flannel for 10 minutes. The process is repeated with a neutralising solution. It's a bit smelly with the chemicals but it does'nt bother me. In fact I'm so relaxed I tend to fall asleep on their comfy recliner.

The lashes are wiped clean and the rod is removed with cotton wool soaked with hot water. VoilĂ ! Permanently curled lashes. I preserve mine by not rubbing my eyes and gently applying Vaseline (olive, jojoba or castor oil also works) before I sleep. Apparently they don't fall out as quick and they grow longer but I'll let you be the judge of that theory!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cherry Red Bio Gel - 3 Week Manicure

A visit to Nails Inc just before my 2.5 week holiday in Oz. Can't wait to go back to Sydney. Yay!!!

I chose Cherry Red out of a very limited range of colours at Nails Inc. Dark red is never a practical colour and I get to cheat the smudges and staining. No chipping for three weeks and it looks so glossy, it could drip.

Ooh and the colour's nice too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Cheers For Gosh Peony!

The photo from my previous post on Peony was so crappy, I had to retake it to give it justice.

Peony is the creamiest frost. You might think that sounds odd but if you try it, you'll be amazed how pigmented and streak-free it is. If you can suggest any frosts like that, please let me know as I'll be enamored!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

BaByliss Ceramic Clampless Curling Wand

Now that my hair is straightened, I want curly hair.

My hair is fine and needs oomph. I want the freakishly giant locks of Cheryl Cole. But since I can't afford hair extensions, I'll just curl my hair for volume.

Initially I was looking for bendy rollers but for the same price, Argos sells their curling tongs for only £3.82!!! On second thought I bought the BaByliss curling wand from John Lewis for £19.95. Much kinder than the cheap version with the clamp that snags my hair.

The BaByliss curling wand has 5 temperature settings. It's ceramic coated and gets up to 200 degrees. I use it on it's lowest setting of 155 and that's enough to keep my hair curled or wavy for two days. It's clamp-free like the new trendy curling gizmos and the wand is the right length for my long hair.

I need to learn to wrap my hair around it properly but the first attempt is pretty good. I sprayed hair protectant on first and held the hair on long enough to feel it warm up. I finished off with plenty of hairspray. The waves came out shiny and with practice, I'll be mastering curls soon!

The low temperature helped preserve my hair and the ends did'nt touch the wand. Using it is a bit tricker but my hair is too long for the conventional curling tongs. I highly recommend this curler and if you get it, make sure to wear the heat protection glove provided so you don't burn yourself!


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