Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Essence Colour & Go 147 Miss Universe

Love these polishes for the colour range, quality and packaging. I picked this up from Ghent Belgium last weekend for only EUR 1,69! Almost half the price in Switzerland. I would have bought more but was in a rush with the boyfriend waiting outside the store in the cold :(

I love this colour because it's a mysterious teal that does'nt make me look like I have witches nails. Miss Universe has a black base with teal blue shimmer. It's sheer but builds up easily. What you see here is two coats and would look more amazing with a shiny top coat (I took this photo in the bathroom of our hotel!)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

One of the first things that can be read on the back is "FEEL YOUR FACE PULSATE". With an opening statement like that, how could this go wrong?

I stumbled onto this product after seeing rave reviews on makeupalley. Apparently I've been living under a rock all this time and not heard of Aztec Secret. It's touted as more effective that Queen Helene's Mint Julip mask and you can really feel your face pulsate. The cheap price tag did it for me so I ordered from Ebay and this massive tub arrived.

It says it's good for 10-15 facials but seriously, this has got to be a couple of years supply. I hardly do facials because I'm lazy and when I do, I use it sparingly because I have sensitive skin. You're supposed to mix this is raw apple cider vinegar which I also ordered from Amazon but since that hadn't arrived yet, I tried the mask made with water. It was easy to mix however I suggest adding the water little by little to avoid lumps, like making gravy.

Lucky I only used water because as it started to dry, I indeed felt my face pulsating like it was being sucked by the pores. It was uncomfortable but since I only applied a thin layer, it totally dried up in 20 minutes and I washed it off. Goodness knows what would happen if I used vinegar. The clay stiffened and contracted so it was pulling my skin in. 

The results are good. I don't have acne but I do get terrible blackheads and over time this will minimise them. You can tell it makes more of a difference than QHMJM and I'm not just saying that because my face was being sucked dry. My pores were finer, my skin texture was smoother and radiant. My blackheads were reduced too. 

I mixed too much clay so I kept the excess for another round later in the week. My forehead was really itchy after so I won't be using the mask on my forehead or cheeks. It's too erhhh...pulsating? I can't think of why I reacted to it but it's doing the right job on my nose and chin. Reading from the reviews, the reaction will ease with repeated use. 

Reasons why I like it:
1) Reduces pore size and sucks blackheads dry.
2) Skin tone/texture is more radiant and smooth.
3) It's cheap. I got mine for £8.45 including shipping.
4) You get a lot for your money.
5) It's 100% clay powder so it will never go off in storage.
6) It's natural and scent free.
7) It feels like it's working on my skin.

Reasons why I don't like: 
1) It can be painful. Just apply a thin layer and don't leave it on once it's dry.
2) You can get an itchy reaction to it like I did.
3) Not easy to remove. Best to use a face cloth to ensure it's all off.

Essence Colour & Go - Do You Speak Love 113 and Volumizing Lash Powder

I discovered Essence products years ago when I was in Berlin. The brand is from Germany and their products are good value. When I was visiting a friend in Switzerland, she had one of their nail polishes in the newer packaging and I became obsessed. I love the bottle shape and best of all, it has an extra wide brush!

I made an effort to find essence on my way back to Zurich and luckily they sell it at the Migros at the airport. I bought Do You Speak Love which was a tough decision because all the colours were beautiful. The formula is well pigmented and dries very shiny. Staying power is not great. Mind you I was in a hurry and didn't put on a top coat. Then I had vigorous day of housework and in less than 24 hours, the tips completely flaked off. Still not bad for a cheapie and I'd love to start up a collection of these polishes.

The other Essence product I bought was the volumizing lash powder. It's basically tiny synthetic fibres in a little jar and it comes with a mascara wand. You put on a coat of mascara and while it's still wet, dip the wand lightly on the surface of the fibres and dab onto your lashes. Try to keep your eye closed because the fibres can be irritating. There is alot of fall out. Then apply another coat of mascara and presto! Fuller lashes without the fuss of those gluggy white mascara primers. It gives your mascara a huge boost and can make you look like you're wearing falsies. One pot will last for years and this is so cheap, although other countries sell Essence cheaper. I highly recommend it!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fifi Lapin Scarf and Hispanitas Boots

One of the highlights of the weekend was finding these lovely things in Oxfam Hampstead. I love this wee shop although 9 times out of 10, I leave empty handed. This time I managed to score a Fifi Lapin scarf for £6 and these lush Hispanitas knee highs for £15.

The scarf was cute and it wasn't until my girlfriend (who is obsessed with bunnies) IDed the print. It was Fifi Lapin-the furry fashionista.

The boots are the comfiest of all my shoes and the leather is thick and buttery soft. The coloured bows are just darling. They're a staple for winter but I just know I'll cherish these forever.

One other thing, I was in another charity shop and they were playing the most evocative and chilled out music. I found out that it was Bajofondo from Rio. Their music is divine and seductive. I've bought two of their albums from Amazon straight away. I highly recommend you take a listen to my favourite song so far, Pide Piso.


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