Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sydney Cheap Thrills

Just a few things I bought in Sydney. Dotti skirt $5 from the Glebe Markets.

ICE Aztec necklace $6, BYS Colour Change nail polish $5, All Natural Paw Paw Lip Balm $2. I thought I'd try the balm because it's petrochemical free. It smells nice but is not as moisturising as Vaseline or Lanolips.

Portmans dress from DFO, $10 reduced from $130.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sinful Colors Nail Polish - Apple Mint

This is my first Sinful Colors, picked up from Target. It was on sale for $3.50. 

Apple Mint is no ordinary green/turquoise/mint nail polish. Not only is it a unique hue, it has a soft shimmer. Something I've not seen before. It looks like glistening turquoise in sunlight and Tiffany box blue in incandescent light.

I'm impressed with the quality as it really goes on like a professional formula. A creamy texture that dries in reasonable time. There are three coats pictured here but I think 2 could have been sufficient. 

The colour is little outlandish for the office but I'd certainly wear it again.  

The Movado Watch With A Broken Heart

Just an update on the vintage watch I bought from the charity shop. I tried getting it repaired cheaply from a local trusted repairer and was told that the movement needs to be replaced by Movado.

So I took it to two expert watch repairers in the city, (one recommended by Movado) and both came to the same conclusion. Apparently the damage was done by an incompetent watch repairer because there was no way it could have been caused by ordinary use. No wonder it was donated to the charity shop! Because the mainspring, the part that winds it up is tangled, there's no way the balance wheel can function so it's a watch with a broken "heart".

The watch is early 1960s so finding the right part at reasonable cost is impossible. It will forever be a broken watch unless I can find someone in the UK who can replicate the replacement parts. I feel rather heartbroken myself of this outcome!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Daiso Stuff - Double Cleansing Face Wash, Aloe Bubbling Makeup Remover, Hand Cream

If you ask anyone who knows me, I sometimes get obsessed over buying stuff. For example while I have more than a years supply of toiletries stocked up at home, I bought more stuff at Daiso.

Daiso has been a new discovery and although its slightly overpriced in Oz ($2.80 per item), it's still good value. Hankering for a new face wash, I set my sights on the popular charcoal face wash but it was sold out in Merrylands and Chatswood. I bought the double cleansing face wash instead. A high foaming thick cream wash. The weather in Sydney is really hot and humid so I need a heavy duty wash to get the crap off my face.  A tiny bit foams alot and leaves my skin squeaky clean. A little bit drying but that feeling subsides after 10 mins.

The Aloe Bubbling Make Up Remover will replace my oil cleanser at home. (Will update this post later after I use it.) And a hand cream which I bought it solely for the sleek tube packaging. The cream itself leaves my skin soft and it absorbs quickly.

 There's very little or no English on these products but I like it as it's unique and cute. 

I also bought a back massager thing which looks rather like a sex toy. You're supposed to knock yourself with it, loosening your muscles. Works well as a back scratcher too!   

Ulta3 Nail Colour Bouquet

Now that I'm home on holidays it's like the good old days when I was unemployed and blogged about cheap nail polish.

I found this one in the bargain bin at Target for $1.50. I had no idea they sold Ulta3 but it looks like they're getting rid of it now. Same for Sinful Colors as I passed a stand with their nails polishes on sale at half price.

Bouquet is Barbie pink with an electric blue sheen. A blast from the 80s. I think it was a fairly popular colour back then as I'm sure I owned a Cutex like it with the long white tapered lid (remember those???). This colour is  dupe of Urban Decay Trip

I'm wearing two coats here and it gives a fantastic pop of colour. The finish is glorious although you have to be patient and let it completely dry to end up with a smooth glossy coat.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MUA Cream Blush Perfection Dolly

I was a bit unsure about borrowing my girlfriend's blush once because it was orange in the pan. Like properly orange! But when it was applied, it gave a natural healthy glow. 

Turns out coral and orange gives the most natural flushed look so I went on a hunt and found this at Superdrug for 2 GBP. MUA have a new cream blush called Blush Perfection. I like cream blushes because although you have to use your fingers blend, it can be more hygienic than using a brush.  

Dolly is apricot coloured and the texture is soft with good colour payoff. One light swipe is good for both cheeks. Gives a tint without a greasy residue and blends in easily. It's like my skin-but-better. 

The packaging is sleek, compact and light. For 2 GBP it would'nt hurt to add this to your collection. I love this blush!

Movado Vintage Watch

Looky looky I found another Swiss vintage wind-up watch! I bought it from the charity shop for 8 GBP but it's broken. The face is cracked but I still think it's beautiful. My cheapo watch repairer said there is a tiny mechanism which needs to be replaced and his hands were'nt steady enough to fix it. So I've taken it with me to Australia and hopefully someone can fix it for a decent price. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BOE Nail Polish, Liquid Eyeliner and Curling Mascara

I'm back in Oz for three weeks! Its great to be home with the sunshine. It's new years day so happy new year to you all!

Today I was wondering around my local area and saw that Big W stock a cosmetics brand called BOE. The makeup is made in China and priced at $2 each. Yep, only $2 so being the cheapskate that I am, I could'nt wait to try out a few of the products.

1) Nail polish in Red Hot. It's a fun bright red with a jelly consistency. It dries fairly quickly and the bottle looks like OPI but that's where the similarities end. I'm wearing two coats in the photo. The nail polish stinks until it's fully dry. It's streaky if you don't apply thick even coats and dries a little matte. No matter considering the cost and it serves more as "toy nail polish" as it chips easily. There were other on-trend colours in stock but I will not buy again.

) Liquid Eyeliner in black noir. Not worth the $2 because the pigmentation is terrible. It has a felt tip applicator and staying power is average. No smudges but it wears off over a few hours. The best cheap liquid eyeliner is Wet n Wild waterproof.

3) Curling Mascara. I only bought this because I read a review that said it actually curls but it did'nt for me. I liked the sleek packaging and the brush. The wand is bent so I found it easier to get to my lashes without clumping. I have curl resistant lashes anyway so there was little chance of this working. It does'nt make your lashes feel stiff but it does'nt lengthen or volumize so I don't recommend this.

Overall I would'nt buy BOE products again.


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