Monday, November 30, 2009

NYX Black & White Eyeliner Pencils

I bought these NYX eyeliner pencils from a random cheapo store for $3 AUD each. The black pencil is extra long for a eyeliner so it was take forever to use up!

They apply smoothly without tugging at the eyelids. The texture is creamy soft and blends easily. Pigmentation is good. Lasting powder is OK, staying put for several hours. I have oily lids so I figure it's normal that some will transfer under the eyes within a few hours.

The white pencil is a godsend because I use it to make my eyes look bigger and more open. Awesome for when I haven't had enough sleep! I lightly apply it close to the inner corners and instantly it brightens up my eyes.

The black pencil could be blacker. However my biggest complaint is that it smudges a bit so I'll keep looking for the perfect black eyeliner.

I've paid more for worse quality eyeliners so I recommend giving NYX pencils a try. They do an excellent job for the price!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

China Glaze - Entourage

I missed out on Chanel's Jade polish and being on the waiting list proved to be in vain. Apparently the unusual but highly coveted colour sold out before it went on display at Myer!

Lime and apple greens are my current nail polish lemmings. So unappropriate for the office, but it's summery and makes me happy.

Today I had my car serviced in Bankstown so I visited ProNail while I was waiting.

I allowed myself one China Glaze nail polish as a souvenir and Entourage is the one I picked. Hope it goes OK with my darkening hands thanks to daily jogs. The green is deeper than Chanel's Jade but the distinctive hint of shimmer is there.

Will post a swatch soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kiehl's Ultimate Hand Salve

This is my first review of the brand Kiehl's, thanks to the pamper pack I won.

The salve is creamy and thick so you only need a little bit. My 150ml (5.0 fl.oz.) tube will last for ages! It takes a few seconds for it to sink in but afterwards, my hands felt moisturised and soft. There is a faint smell of eucalyptus on application but it dissipates quickly.

Recognisable ingredients are shea butter, sesame seed oil, squalene, avacado oil, eucalyptus oil and aloe vera. It also contains dimethicone which I'm not that impressed on. Dimethicone makes the skin feel smoother but really, it's just a cosmetic effect.

The product is soothing, fast absorbed, deeply moisturises and does'nt leave your hands feeling greasy. It does an excellent job but I would'nt buy this when I run out because of the price tag. Plus, I like my handcreams to smell super-nice so using it is an even more of a treat!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Red Satin Bow Peeptoe Pumps

I had a housewarming party to attend to but had no shoes to wear with my new dress.

Went to "Tar-jay" and was surprised to see how fashionable the clothing was! There were lots of gorgeous floral print dresses and comfy casual clothes for cheap. In fact the ladies section looked like Primark!

Ladies shoes were 30% off. They had heaps of synthetic leather heels. I recalled my friend slapping me on the wrist for picking up a plastic bangle while shopping. She said: "Don't waste money on plastic because it looks cheap!"

So I scored these hot red satin heels for $28 AUD. Although they're high, they're comfy because of the concealed platform. Received lots of compliments at the party. Some people could'nt believe they came from Target!

These will come in handy for an upcoming work Christmas party and wedding reception.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bold Print Tulip Dress and a Friday Night

My Friday night was actually spent at home. Exciting=not! I took out the sewing machine and tried to alter the dress to make it fit better.

Ended up undo-ing my work because I did a dud job. What a waste of time. :(

I wish I had a pair of Dior's Extreme Gladiator platform heels to wear with the dress. Are'nt these devine?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bold Print Tulip Dress

During my lunch time walk, I discovered a clothing shop in the Hunter Connection of Wynyard. It's a basic shop that seemingly has no air-con and is packed to the rafters with cheap random clothes.

Amongst the crammed clothing racks, I found this cotton tulip dress for $10 AUD. It comes with a wide black satin belt.

I had to try it on due to the strict exchange policy. Felt like I was being cooked in the tiny changeroom, constructed only with railing and curtain.

It fits well so I paid and swiftly got out of there before I melted!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Sale - 5 books for $2 AUD

This is the second week where I could'nt find any clothes I liked at the Op Shop. However there was a good sale on books so here are my finds.

The Popularity Plan was for nostalgia. I read Sweet Dreams books when I was growing up. Had'nt seen these in a long time!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Vintage

Remember this Faigen clutch from this post? I did'nt realise until it reeked up my clothes, how musty it was. It was gross and the smell sticks to anything it touches!

Wanted to throw it out but tried an experiment first.

With anything vintage, if it's washable (or disposable!), try washing it in hot water. Chances are the smell is caused by mildew. If the item is not washable, try sunning or airing out the item. You could use baking soda to absorb the smells or as the last resort, Fabreeze.

I washed the clutch in hot soapy water but noticed the smell was still there. So I soaked it in a white vinegar and hot water solution for an hour to kill any mildew spores. I rinsed with cold water and propped it up in a sunny spot. The residual vinegar smell disappears once it was dry.

And the result? The smell is gone! Hooray!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tokidoki Pegaso Bag and Charms

The unicorn print is colourful and super kawaii! My favorite unicorn is the one taking a drink in the reflective puddle.

I lost one of the charms, a pink Caio Caio. To give Adios a companion, I removed a charm from another keyring and replaced it with the free Tokidoki cactus pup I received from Japan LA.

A close up of the two new friends. How cute are they?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nail Paint by Barry M - Yellow

Bought this Barry M nail polish in Topshop last year. It was £3 and I was fascinated by this lurid colour. It's reminds me a yellow Volkswagen bug car!

It's a souvenir from London. I wanted to bring back something avant garde and not heavy for my suitcase.

Unfortunately the trend of yellow nail polish never took off.

The Melbourne Cup was on today and I did'nt have a crazy hat or tie to wear to work. So I painted my nails and they got everyone's attention!

I found this particular Barry M Nail Paint disappointing because it's thin and streaky. I applied three coats in this pic.

I like the design of the bottle so a collection can be stored using minimal storage space.

Barry M has a huge range of amazing colours. Will give the brand another go when I get back to London.

EDITED TO ADD-I removed this nail polish a few days later and it turned my nails yellow! I used base coat so not sure how it could have happened.


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