Friday, December 9, 2011

Coconut Oil - Eye Makeup Remover

I'm backpacking in Switzerland this weekend and I've made an amazing discovery!

Coconut oil makes a kick ass eye make up remover.

I realised when my normal remover refused to budge waterproof liquid liner. To preserve my eyelashes, I gently rubbed a dab of coconut oil on my lids and the liner melted off! I wiped the black gunk off with a tissue and cleansed my face as normal.

I will never buy eye make up remover again!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Conditioning Gel

I had lunch with a girlfriend in Paris and I admit, the whole time I was obsessed with her ultra long eyelashes. They were like fans sweeping whenever she blinked!

She's asian so I could'nt resist asking which mascara she uses. She told me which one but I won't reveal until I've tried it myself. (I'm surprised because the reviews on makeupalley are awful.)

So I thought I'd encourage some natural growth with Talika Lipocils. As far as lash enchancers go, I've tried Mavala and Ardell (which is my preference). I bought mine from Sephora although I've now decided not to make a token purchase at the Champs Elysees anymore.

Firstly it's cheaper to buy online elsewhere. But worse, they've stopped giving away samples. The sales assistants used to throw in a handful of samples in my shopping bag but not this time. Maybe you have to spend alot to get them?

Anyway according to the Lipocils box, this is a "mythical eyelash conditioning gel", promising length, natural pigmentation and curve. The applicator is unique with a foam tip and a mascara style brush in one. Needless to say, application is fairly easy. I've just tried it and so far I've noticed a little sting if you get it too close to your eye.

I'll post my results in a few months so you can see if it actually works!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rabbit Fur Hat

Winter's here and I'm freezing! I'm packing for Paris tomorrow and look what I found - a fur hat from a flea market in Vienna.

I remember when I bought it. It was the end of the day and amongst the piles of clothing, shoes and general rubbish was this furry hat. I was told it was 5 euros but after the obligatory haggling, I got it for 3 euros.

Went back to the hostel and when I put the hat on my head, I realised it was too small. Should have tried it on first but oh well. Also I could feel plastic mesh inside so I assumed it was a faux fur hat. Still I could'nt throw it away.

Months later, I took it out of my closet, hand washed the lining and put it on my heater to dry. Sharp bits of mesh protruded from the lining when I put it back to shape and that's when I realised I melted the plastic!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since I thought I destroyed hat, I unstitched the lining to reveal the shabby mesh and threw it away. It turns out the hat's made from real rabbit fur and there was a stamp inside. (In German, but I could read that it was made in Vienna.)

I put the it on my head and what do you know, it now fits perfectly. What do you think?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner

I bought this eyeliner two years ago and it's my first liquid eyeliner. Back then, I was unpracticed and gave up after too many mistakes. I found this eyeliner again and now I love it!

It has a fine felt tip which I found easy to use. One slight problem is that it coats my outer lashes which I find annoying when applying mascara afterwards. I only wear this when I'm wearing glasses so I skip mascara.

As long as I line thinly, it will not to smear when I blink. This liner has amazing staying power. Want proof? See the picture-its actually taken AFTER I've washed my face. (The proof is that my eye looks tired and no doubt concealer-less.) It's extremely waterproof and hard to budge.

It only melts off with an oil cleanser. So unless you have very oily eyelids, you probably won't get smudges. The black liner is very black, darker than MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.

I'm so impressed with this dirt cheap product. I think I paid only £3 for it. I can't remember where I bought it from but you can get it online. Will be buying this again when it runs dry!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My First UN-Leather Jacket

I must edit this post because it was'nt until recently I realised this jacket is NOT leather. The realisation came with the lack of leathery smell and a plastic-y feel but dang, it fooled me good! 
Whoop whoop! I bought this biker style jacket from a charity shop for £15 and I love it. The leather is lush-ious. It's worn in, buttery soft and and the fit is perfect.

Just looking at the current trends and leather jackets seems to go with every sleek outfit.  From classy mini dresses to skinny jeans. 

Just hope the weather does'nt get too cold so I get lots of wear out of it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Early Sleek Eyeshadow Palette & Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner Review

I was in Hackney this weekend and look what I found at an ethnic hair supply shop.

On the left, is a rare Sleek mini eyeshadow palette. I thought it was cute and a steal compared to the latest drugstore versions. It was only £1.99. It has 18 colours and a sponge applicator.

There were heaps of kajal eyeliners on offer and after my poor review of the Sleek version, I thought I'd give kajal another chance. I choose the Blue Heaven brand because of there was English on the packaging. It says it's lead free which is a go-ahead for me. There were a few other far fetched qualities of the product, like it soothes and cool eyes. I'm not convinced of the effectiveness since it's only eyeliner but I like the idea how it's mega-compact and only 99p!

So a preliminary review on the Sleek eyeshadows. I've only used two neutral colours so far and the colour payoff is very good. It has a smooth and creamy consistency but lasting power is not a good as the latest versions. I still like it and the best part is the price so I could'nt ask for more!

As for the Blue Heaven kajal, I like the minimalist packaging and how there's less chance of me accidently blunting the point by closing the lid on it. The pigmentation is excellent, much like the Sleek version. It applies easily and it's very soft. The downside is that it smudges like crazy, despite what it says on the packaging. 

Smudging is a good thing but after few blinks, I have raccon eyes. I'll try waterlining (which I think is weird and unnatural) and see if it travels less. 

When a product is that soft and creamy, it will smudge easily. There seems to be no exception around this law of physics.

Bullet shaped packaging with holographic sticker for authenticity.

The kajal is "self sharpening". Therefore it must be applied it on a slant.

The traditional Indian way of applying kajal is to hold it on your waterline, close your eye gently and swipe it outwards. That way, both your top and bottom lids are lined and you keep the tip sharp. This explains the conical shape of kajal. 

I want to love this product as it ticks all the other boxes. I will persevere!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hitting The Charity Shops Again

Presenting my gold deer figurine. A wee bit kitschy but lots cute!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ELF Matte Refinisher and Mod Mauve Nail Polish

My friend recommended the Matte Refinisher and now I can see why. It has a funky frosted effect which extends your nail polish collection by two-fold. 

This is one coat of the Matte over two coats of Mod Mauve. In real life the colour is brown so to call it mauve is inaccurate. It's looks nothing like the swatch on the ELF website but still, I like this neutral colour.

The consistency is fine for a cheapie but as for the last power, it's pretty awful. I got tiny chips on the first day and it came off in chunks by the third. Can't complain too much considering it only cost 90p!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ELF Mini Haul

E.L.F recently had a 40% off sale so I bought a few items I've been curious about. I'm pretty happy with these products, however I did spent hours looking for swatches and reviews before culling my shopping list!

Mechanical Eyelash Curler- I like it's design for gripping and it does'nt pinch. The width of the curler is just right but I can't get close to the base of my lashes. It leaves a crimp rather than a curl. Most reviews for this have been positive. 
Studio Cream Eyeshadow Candlelight - good for highlighting. This is my first cream eyeshadow and I'm pleased with it's non-creaseability and staying power. It's packaging is excessive though. 
Nail Polish - Cranberry. Love this dark shimmery red.
Nail Polish - Mod Mauve. Not at all like the colour on the website. Its looks more brown than mauve. 
Nail Polish - Pearl Pink. An metallic semi-neon pale pink with a blue sheen. Colour does'nt suit me and it's poorly pigmented. Needs four coats to get it opaque. 
Clarifying Pressed Powder Honey (tone 2) - Love this! Perfect little case for touchups. Don't need to use lot as it would look cakey. Blots away the oilies. I also bought Spice but it was too orangey to be useful so will be chucking it out.
Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish - a friend recommended this and I love it too! It extends your nail polish collection and the matte effect is funky. 
Studio High Definition Powder - ridiculously huge packaging. Only need a tiny bit as I found it to be drying. Feels like it was sucking the moisture out of my skin. It's promised to reduce the look of wrinkles and pores but I can't really notice an effect. Best used with a brush rather than the puff supplied. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mela Loves London - Ruffled Owl Dress

I have a dress with owls all over it! It was from New Look on sale for £7. Its actually a Large. I'm surprised how it looked nicer than a Small. 

I love owls :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

BB creams are set to explode into the European market, thanks to Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. I've tried it and admit it's good. Fair coverage, pleasing glowy finish and it does'nt feel like you're wearing anything.

If you're on the discovery of BB creams, why not try an original from Korea, home of an original?

If you're patient with mail orders, I recommend buying the Perfect Cover BB cream from a reputable seller on Ebay. My 20ml tube was £6 including shipping from Korea. It's marginally pricer than Garnier but I prefer the Missha version because of the packaging and the coverage is better.

Firstly I must say that I don't think BB creams are anything more than thick pigmented moisturisers with minerals. They make your skin look luminous but it's a cosmetic effect. However I can use it daily as opposed to slapping on foundation. This BB cream feels light and non-sticky.

The packaging is sleek and hygienic to dispense. A narrow nozzle for the 20ml tube and a pump for the 50ml.

You don't need to use alot. The colour #34 Natural Beige looks a little ashy out of the tube but provided I don't use more than half a pea size, it blends in well with my skintone. The harder to find shade #27 Honey Beige matches my skin better and I could only find it from the US website. (I suggest signing up to their lists as they have some good deals every now and then for BB cream.)

This BB cream provides fair coverage for acne scars and dark eye circles. It has a slightly matt finish and sinks right in. Impressive how it turns my drab skin to more even toned and glowing. Blemishes and pores are less noticeable too.

A brilliant product, a HG!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lazy Manicure Post - Love & Beauty Unique

Just installed the Blogger iPhone app and taking it for a test drive.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Models Own Wah Nails Smash Up Crackle Polish

I'm not big on the crackle trend but I got this free with purchase of two Models Own polishes. They also have crackles in silver, purple and hot pink. I chose black too keep things simple.

The consistency is thinner than a normal nail polish. Instructions say a thin coat gives the best result. If too it's thick, there is little or no crackle effect. However if it's too thin, it looks scratchy and inconsistent.

The crackle pulls away from the base within seconds. If you paint over it again, it drags off the effect so an even application is required with each stroke.

The crackle dries matt so it looks more "polished" (ha ha, sorry) after a top coat. In this picture I used ELF Light Red as a base. Despite what the instructions say, you don't need to use it over a Model's Own nail polish.

The combination is a little too dark for my skin tone. Still, it's fun and attention grabbing. Lazy nail art I reakon. Will post more combos soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miu Miu Matalasse Malva Handbag

I went into Selfridges for a cup of tea but there was a long queue at the cafe.

So I stopped by Miu Miu on my way out and fell in love with this bag. The leather is gorgeous and the Matalasse quilting stands out from the other bags. Malva is a well pigmented raspberry pink colour. It smells luscious!!!

Although it's a small shoulder bag, it holds alot for it's size. I managed to fit my purse, lipgloss, eyedrops, iPhone, earphones, hand cream and cardigan.

I convinced myself to get it for two reasons:

1) "Value" for money: The small Mulberry Alexa was £545, which holds just as much. This bag is £295.
2) I carry alot so I'm going to distribute the weight over a tote bag and this bag. I'm sick of getting my hair snagged under a heavy handbag strap.

It's my only luxury buy of the year, I've decided. I only went into Selfridges for a cup of tea!

Vintage Silver Bracelets

After having a coffee at my favorite cafe, I wondered around the Hampstead Indoor Market and spotted these in a £2 basket. They were from a vintage jewellery stall where I usually oogle at their timeless pieces.

The chunkier bracelet is intricately engraved and hinged. The thinner one is delicate and goes with any outfit. Both so pretty and best of all, they fit my bony wrists. I love vintage jewellery and these were a bargain. Best Sunday morning ever.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ASH for Kurt Geiger Wedge Sandals

A quick post to show off my new shoes for summer!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

L'Oreal Double Extend/Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara

I've been on a mascara spree and thought I'd test out two step mascara. Could they be better than the ordinary kind?

One end is the white primer and the other stuff. I say that because the primer provides the extension of lashes but the black stuff does'nt seem to do anything but coat them. A bit pointless considering you might as well turn the primer black and that's your typical one step mascara.

This mascara definitely lengthens but does nothing for volume. If I applied too much primer, my lashes clump together. Anything more than two coats causes them to go spidery. Also if you don't wait for the primer to dry first which some suggest that you don't, your lashes look ashy. That is unless you pile on the black stuff and again, they will look clumpy.

Removal is easy. Just with warm water and a little bit of friction. The tubes slide right off.

It's a fun change from ordinary mascaras but it does'nt live up to the hype. Cheaper than Fiberwig but I think Fiberwig looks more natural and does'nt make your lashes feel stiff.

Edited to add: Made a fantastic discovery. Ditch the black side and use Fibrewig on top of the primer. It really holds the curl and makes you look like you're wearing falsies!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clarisonic Mia - 2 Week Results

Just a quick post to report how my Clarisonic Mia is going. I'm usually too lazy to exfoliate so this machine is a godsend.

Its easy to use. Just wet the brush and your face, pour on a little non-abrasive cleanser and very lightly massage in small circles. The Mia runs for 1 minute on a single speed. In the mornings I use it with Cetaphil for a minute and in the evenings with a foaming cleanser for a minute and a half.

The result is that my face looks radiant and super clean. My skin feels softer and looks smoother. Pores are noticeably smaller although its a temporary effect. They're back to their normal size by the end of the day but its still an amazing outcome.

My only complaint is recharge time. It runs about 20 minutes on a single recharge but takes 18 hours to charge. Especially inconvenient as it means I have to go without in the morning or night while it's charging.

Will post a follow up after a month's time so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clarisonic Mia vs The Body Shop Facial Brush

My skin is looking horrid these days. Congested, dull, oily and my pores are huge-mungous.

I stumbled across a forum discussing the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing system. It's been around for years and many swear by it. Pricey though. Is'nt it just a glorified electric version of the brush you see here?

The smallest model is the Mia and it comes in white, purple, pink and blue. Priced at £120, I got mine from Space NK. It comes with a magnetically connecting charger cable and a small tube of cleanser. The next model up cost considerably more but the brush is the same size. The device is chunkier and comes with a charging stand, more functions (beeping, timing and speeds), extra sample products and a body brush attachment.

It has a 30 day money back guarantee so I can get a refund if I'm not happy with it. Better than wasting money on imitation products I reakon.

Because the Mia needs to be initially charged for 24 hours, I bought the "manual version" from The Body Shop for £3 to test in the meantime.

The Body Shop brush is compact so I find it easier to control the pressure. It comes with a lid to protect the soft bristles. The purpose of the brush is to lightly exfoliate, stimulate circulation, improve skin tone and texture.

I wet the brush and my face, apply a little cleanser gel and away I scrub for two minutes before rinsing. And the result? I still feel bumps but my skin looks smoother and radiant. My pores shrunk but they reverted back to normal not long after. Still, a great result for the price.

Posting a review on the Mia shortly so stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denim Cut Offs - DIY Boyfriend Shorts

I've been looking for boyfriend shorts and found these for FREE.

Actually they're denim cut offs. I bought the jeans from a thrift store in Calgary so they had sentimental value but I hardly wear them. I cut them off and hemmed them with my sewing machine. Now they'll get worn alot in summer!

I'm thrilled that not only have I converted an old pair of jeans into shorts, I did'nt have to outlay a cent. And they are exactly length I was after.

So if you have old jeans, try to get good use out of them again by turning them into shorts. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can wear them frayed. It's really easy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ELF Nail Polish - Light Red

Not an imaginative colour name, eh? It's self explanatory looking at the bottle but with two coats on, it's hot chilli red.

I got this nail polish as a free gift with my first ELF order and even at the normal price of £1.50, I'm impressed. I've seen alot of bad reviews on ELF nail polishes but this one is a winner. The pigmentation is excellent and the formula is creamy. I have two coats on in the picture.

For mail order, I thought the window boxed packaging is excessive. According to the box, the polish has a "revolutionary bristle design (which) glides color on flawlessly." I did'nt think so although it wasn't a terrible brush. Probably a wee thicker than normal but that's it. One thing which did live up to the promise was the "quick dry formula for no mess application". A must for reds. I'll be wearing red more often than usual now!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ELF Pouty Petal and Voodoo Lipsticks

I finally made an ELF order and got two lipsticks, a nail polish, cuticle oil pen and brush cleaner spray.

Here are the two lipsticks, Pouty Petal and Voodoo, one from each lipstick range.

The Voodoo as you can see above is the cheaper version (£1.50). The packaging is not great but atleast there is a centre window to identify the colour. The colour is beigey berry. I like it because it's a muted red and I find it easy to wear for any occasion. Quality wise, it's very good. Smooth and creamy and lasts for quite a few hours. Bargain for the price.

The Pouty Petal is a good dupe for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Boy. This lipstick is from the Mineral line (£3.50). It's pink, nude and sheer. The texture is fine. I could'nt tell how long this lipstick lasts since it camouflages to my natural lip colour. Those with pale lips will notice a lovely pink tint.

Is it worth more than double the price of the basic lipstick? Yes but for the packaging only. The lipstick quality is just the same. In fact I noticed with both that the first swipes had little colour payoff because they had the same firm texture.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beaded Necklace and Vintage Floral Saucer

I have the tendency to buy matching things for my outfit and wear it out the store. It's instant gratification. And thanks to a black dress, I got this necklace for £10 at Designs in Hampstead.

Not sure what the lime beads are made out of but the center cluster is made from real pearls and Swarovski crystals.

And what else does it go with? This vintage floral saucer from the Hampstead Indoor Market for a quid. I'm collecting them to hold pillar candles and display dress jewelry. A nifty use for pretty saucers!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick - Fétiche

I got suckered into the pretty advertisement for the the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. The colours are amazing but don't let the lipsticks fool you, they are actually sheer and shiny. Like Clinique's Black Honey, you get a smidgen of the tube colour as in the below pic.

It was a toss up between the lipstick modelled in the ad, Boy or Fetiche. Both similar except Fetiche is more mauve with no shimmer. I have naturally dark pigmented lips so Boy was a useless colour. It looked like I was wearing nothing but Vaseline.

It feels creamy and moisturing but it lasts four hours, tops. The Chanel consultant reakons that the colours change after application and if anything, it does look pinker but it's a subtle effect.

This is my type of lipstick because it just glides on and I hate bold lipstick because it's too high maintenance.

Fetiche is a gorgeous colour. For pale lips, Boy would be perfect as a pretty nude. I would recommend this range if you like wearing lipstick but don't want the hassle of smudges and precise application.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Floral Skirt and Cable Knit Sweater

Felt very much like a school teacher in the 80s when I put a belt over a cable knit jumper. I got the jumper from an charity shop for £5 and it's the softest and warmest I own. (American Apparel are currently selling similar sweaters for £57!)

The vintage floral skirt was from Oz. It was $4 and the elastic gathering needed to be replaced. The print was too pretty to ignore so I bought it anyway and fixed it myself.

The skirt was well worn in the 80s and now it survives two more decades and counting!

Nails Inc French - 3 Week Gel Manicure

My last 3 week manicure on my Nails Inc loyalty card.

To make it really count, I choose french because the regrowth is less noticeable. I have long nail beds so I asked the manicurist to fake the whites. (My nails are actually short here.) So pleased to have normal looking nail beds for now!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

17 Vintage Love Eyeshadow Palette - Perfect Pastels

I had a personal promise that I won't buy another eyeshadow again but how freaking cute is this palette?

There are a few reviews and swatches online and that's how I got hooked. You can still buy it from but be quick. The other palette, Metallic Nude is already sold out and you can't find them in stores anymore. They're limited edition and are priced at only £5.49 with free delivery to any Boots store.

Not only is the compact pretty, the quality of the eyeshadows are outstanding. They're well pigmented and silky. Even better than Sleek with almost no fallout. The staying power is excellent. Still looking good at the end of the day with minimal creasing.

The colours are girly and soft. I think frosty pastels make eyes look more open and youthful. This is a definitely a keeper!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lanvin Ballet Flats

You're probably thinking these don't belong in a frugalicious blog but they were a bargain. Got them at my favorite shop in Hampstead, a designer store selling nearly new stock for a fraction of retail.

Guessing a wealthy lady with small feet had unloaded her shoes because there were a heap of size 35 and 36 shoes in stock. I tried on a pair of Louboutins but they were too small (but they were hawt). And made a difficult choice out of four pairs of Lanvin ballet flats.

Bought the bordeaux plain leather because they were the comfiest. They have leather soles and wedge insoles for hidden support. I'm getting them Topied once I break them in a bit more.

I must sing out my praises for the leather. Lanvin flats have the thickest and supplest leather I've seen in shoes. They are beautifully made and will last a long time.

A tip on sizing for the plain leather flats. I suggest going up half a size.

Monday, April 11, 2011

NYX Sweetie Nail Polish

Just a quick post to show off my satin pink nails. Love the colour and the name is about right but it says "professional salon formula" and I disagree.

It's the streakiest frost I tried and even after three coats and a top coat, it chips within three days. Tut tut, NYX!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cropped Orange Swing Coat

Spring is here and look what I found at the charity shop. Beaming from a huddle of winter coats is this orange swing coat. The colour really popped and that's why I love it. Aren't I looking ever so smug in my new coat?

It's a shame there was no label except to say that it was made of wool and cotton. I'm curious to know what brand it was but I suppose that's part of the mystery (or fun) with thrifting.

The coat was missing two buttons so the shop keeper let me have it for £10 instead of £14. There were identical decorative buttons on each pocket so I used those to replace the missing ones. An easy fix!

This outfit also comprises of:

Portmans scarf
Cream cable knit sweater
Roots Village Satchel in Tribe Leather

Monday, April 4, 2011

What's On Your Dresser?

Just having a little fun with Instagram. This is my dresser while I'm housesitting for a friend. It's actually a vintage vanity table with a light above the mirror.

I feel so girly rolling my hair up in bendy rollers in front of it. Remember them? I bought a pack of 6 from an op shop for $1 AUD but you can still get them in Boots.

For wavy curls, I use two at a time trapping the ends of my hair in between and I roll upwards. They stay secure while I'm sleeping and by morning, I have curls! No heat required and they last until I wash my hair. How's that for old fashioned hair tricks?

I bought the hair pick from a vintage fair in Hampstead. The pearl necklace and gold bracelet you might have seen from my previous posts. The elegant bottles of perfume are Penhaligon's. I've sampled them all and their scents are exquisite!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lulu Guinness Olivia - Vintage Style Sunglasses

Remember my Moschino sunnies? I accidently scratched them in the line of sight so that's another pair of sunnies wasted. Doh!

I found these Lulu Guinness sunnies at a designer consignment store for £50. I could'nt resist because they look vintage and I love white sunglasses. The case is mega cute too.

Can't wait to wear them when the sun stays with us in the UK for longer.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Olive Oil As Make Up Remover

I just discovered that olive oil makes an amazing emergency makeup remover.

If you're stuck somewhere without cotton wipes and remover, simply pour one to two teaspoons of olive oil onto your fingertips and gently massage your face. To remove the last traces of eye make up, run your finger lightly over your lower lashline. Keep your eyes open and look up if you're squeamish.

When the makeup is dissolved, wipe off excess oil with tissue. Wash your face with foaming cleanser or handwash and rinse with warm water.

Makeup is completely gone and skin is soft and smooth. There's no need for tugging or scrubbing. This method is so cheap and effective, I'm refilling my MAC Cleanse Off bottle with olive oil when it's empty.

Any olive oil will do, but the lightest will be easier to wash off. You won't believe how well it works until you try it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nars Orgasm On Asian Skin

Needed a new foundation to match my tan so I popped off to Selfridges. If you have'nt tried Bare Minerals foundation, you are missing out. I'm now "Golden Medium" and I bought the matte version for £25.

The finish is natural and it does'nt feel like I have "stuff" caked on my face. I wear it over Eyeko's 3 in 1 cream in the evening for a luminous look.

While on a spending high, I tried the hyped Nars Orgasm blush. It looks different in the palette than it does on me. Orgasm is frosty peach pink, but on me it's a natural flush. It would probably look peach if I put alot on.

I hesitated to purchase but after walking a full circle around the make up hall, I returned and said: "I'm back for the orgasm."

"The blush?" I guess the salesgirl wanted to make sure.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

NYX Root Beer Eyeshadow

Found: NYX products in Charcoal (DFO Homebush) at 50% off!

The nail polishes were $10, reduced to $7 and now they're $3.50. Other items were priced accordingly, close to online from the US.

Cake powder, lip glosses, eyeshadow trios, eye and lip liners, lipsticks, nail polishes and blushes were available. There's a limited colour range but it's worth a look if you want a NYX haul.

A few eyeshadows were broken and amongst some lurid colours, I found one I liked for $4. I got Root Beer, a slightly shimmery dark brown. Perfect as an everyday eyeshadow. Root Beer is easy to blend and the pigmentation is buildable. When applied it's not shimmery as it appears in the pan. It has a matt finish.

I also bought a nail polish called Sweetie. An appropriate name for the colour. Will post swatches on it soon!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All About Eyelash Perming

Hello from Sydney! So happy to be home after more than a year.

One of the first things I did was get my lashes permed at Nail Salon Koko in Wynyard. I used to get it done every few months there. The staff are Japanese and they really take care of you.

An ex-colleague recommended this place when I couldn't stop staring at her naturally long lashes. She had dolly-eyes and this was without mascara!

Eyelash perming is a godsend for those with straight lashes. Mine point downward and no matter how much I try to curl them, they quickly revert back to their stick form.

Perming enhances the look of short lashes because they are noticeable upturned. Best of all, you can kiss your curler goodbye until the permed lashes fall out in their normal lifecycle. For me the curled effect lasts six weeks.

You have a choice of perming rod sizes. I choose medium for a natural look but it depends on the length of your lashes.

They glue the foam rods close to your upper lash line and lashes over the rod with latex glue. This step takes the longest because it's an intricate job. I'm used to prodding around my eyes but for those who are sensitive, you must stay relaxed so they can get this right. It's very tricky! I let my eyes slightly open at this stage to make sure the lower lashes are not glued to the rod. Otherwise they will be wonky for the life of the perm.

A perming solution is applied and the lashes are covered with cling wrap and a flannel for 10 minutes. The process is repeated with a neutralising solution. It's a bit smelly with the chemicals but it does'nt bother me. In fact I'm so relaxed I tend to fall asleep on their comfy recliner.

The lashes are wiped clean and the rod is removed with cotton wool soaked with hot water. Voilà! Permanently curled lashes. I preserve mine by not rubbing my eyes and gently applying Vaseline (olive, jojoba or castor oil also works) before I sleep. Apparently they don't fall out as quick and they grow longer but I'll let you be the judge of that theory!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cherry Red Bio Gel - 3 Week Manicure

A visit to Nails Inc just before my 2.5 week holiday in Oz. Can't wait to go back to Sydney. Yay!!!

I chose Cherry Red out of a very limited range of colours at Nails Inc. Dark red is never a practical colour and I get to cheat the smudges and staining. No chipping for three weeks and it looks so glossy, it could drip.

Ooh and the colour's nice too.


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