Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ulta3 Nail Polish - Allure

Cheap as chips! Literally. This nail polish costs $2 AUD.

Allure is a metallic dark velvet purple. Looks gorgeous on short nails. Wear with a base (I use the Ulta3 brand) and top coat and it really lasts. I only notice chipping from day 5.

The formula doesn't streak and there is excellent colour payoff. Dries reasonably quick with a wet-look finish. 

In the bin of Ulta3 polishes at the chemist, not one showed signs of colour separation. The range is impressive with lots of funky colours to choose from. 

The only negative is that the brush is not as user friendly as OPI's. However the quality is definitely comparable.

Overall, superb results without the price of OPI. At such a cheap price, I'm going to start a collection! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Designer Brands Eyeshadow Quad

Following my cheap thrills post, I bought this eyeshadow palette from Designer Brands for $7 AUD. It's a New Zealand brand but made in China. They describe their products to be as good as MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinque, you name 'em.

I like the simple crystal packaging. This quad is called Mother Earth, containing a pale matt beige and three frosty browns. All four colours are perfect for everyday use.

It's silky in application and it's fairly pigmented. The eyeshadow picks up cleanly on the brush and transfers where it's are supposed to. Blending was easy.

The only downside was that the colour does'nt last. I noticed fading after three hours. By the end of the day, I could barely see any remaining on my lids! 

Errrr...I guess naturally fast removal is a plus?

So Designer Brands is not as good as any department store brand. It applies well and it's cheap but I won't repurchase again. It needs to be more pigmented and last longer to even compare with the big brands!

Temt Top and Rose Earrings

Just because I have a job now, does'nt mean I'm no longer a tight ass! Shopping for cheap thrills is satisfying and guilt-free. 

Thanks to a Vogue Forum thread re: Temt, I checked the Parramatta store. Was put off for years by their designs and quality. The quality is still dubious but if you're selective, there are definitely value finds. 

Felt like I was splurging by shopping for NEW clothes after being unemployed. Picked up this beige jersey and lace top with cap sleeves for $15 AUD. 

Due to its length, I decided to join the-leggings-as-pants epidemic. So I bought a pair of black leggings for $14 AUD at a Bonds factory outlet. 

OK, I'm a hippocrite. I bagged out this trend but damn it, I want to show off my legs (NB. not bum) because they're my only flattering skinny parts!

Also on my cheap thrills expedition, I bought pink and white rose studs. They're plastic but meh, what's expected for $3.95 AUD?  Been trying to find clay or coral ones since I saw a girl wear a gorgeous pair on a train to Gatwick Airport. 

I particularly remember that trip just because of those earrings.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Butterfly Nail Stickers

How cute are these nail decals? I was walking past a tinky-winky (cutesy Asian) stall in Auburn shopping centre and saw lots of nail art accessories. They had heaps of fake airbrushed embellished nails and nail stickers.

This pack was the most tasteful out of the lot and for only $2AUD, it was enough to brighten my day. 

Applying them was easy, although I short-cut it and did'nt use tweezers. You should use tweezers because if you drop them on the wrong place and have to pull them off, they lose their grip. 

Pictured below is my first lazy attempt at "nail art". This is Essie Virgin Orchid (No. 421).  The stickers feel a bit scratchy but next time, I'll apply the top coat thicker to mask this. That should also increase their staying power.


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