Tuesday, September 28, 2010

London Fashion Weekend 2010

Here I am at London Fashion Weekend!

I was excited, hoping to get a true flavour the industry-only event of London Fashion Week. I thought hard about what to wear and if I was inadvertently channelling Betty Suarez.

But there was nothing to be worried about. If you come to London Fashion Weekend, nothing is exclusive and there's no real dress code. You pay for entry, the catwalk show and showbag. It's really a place for designers to showcase/flog their wares.

And the catwalk show? Brought to you by Special K. I'm not joking. They played sponsor's ads between each show and the hostess kept flogging brands like an infomercial. Why-oh-why do we have to pay to watch ads???

If you want to feel like Anna Wintour, you must have a front row seat. Otherwise when the first model swans out, everybody's Blackberry, iPhone and compact camera springs out, blocking your view.

Blatant advertising aside, the catwalk show was enjoyable and inspiring. Looks like 70s and 80s fashion is a trending theme for this autumn/winter season.

Designer sales were plentiful but not worth the hype. The prices are similar to sale prices in department stores. Advertised Sass & Bide clothing barely filled a rack. There was a oversupply of Juicy Couture tracksuits and a minute range of London Sole flats.

Some girls brought suitcases to carry their shopping but I only felt obliged to buy after an hour of browsing and walking up and down stairs.

Nothing caught my eye until I saw these mega-cute Les Nereides earrings!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anthropologie Sleeping On Snow Cardigan Jacket

I nearly missed this cardigan as I walked out of the charity shop. It was haplessly lying in the window and one could have mistaken it for a throw rug.

It was raining so I waited undercover from the rain before a dash across the road. After a last minute glance, I realised it was'nt rug but an intriguing woolly cardigan!

So I returned inside for closer inspection. It's cropped, asymmetric and had a lot going on. Chunky wooden buttons, vintage tapestry patterns and rib knit finishings. Should I be repelled instead of fascinated?

It felt comfy and if I did'nt look like an old couch, it was casual chic. And since the gloominess of winter was approaching, I needed this cardigan jacket.

£9 was a good deal for an Anthropologie item so I threw caution to the autumn wind and bought it. I may eat my words later but bring on winter!

In the above gratuitous poser shot, I look like my sister who introduced me to Anthropologie. She loves this brand but she would think I'm wearing remnants of an old couch here. Too retro for her, but I love it!

As you can see, I'm still clutching onto the vintage leather bag bought from a few weeks ago. (And the LV Neverfull bought a few weeks before is gathering dust.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Converting to Gold Jewelry - Vintage Bracelets

Since I was teenager, I had an aversion to gold jewelry. I thought it looked dated and sallow against Asian skin. With the many variations of gold, I even thought it looked cheap.

Recently I bought the amethyst Caroline Najman bracelet from Lafayette Galleries in Paris. My friend and I stopped in our tracks when we saw the delicate gold chains with faceted semi-precious stones. Her designs are stunning and ever so pretty.

Her bracelets actually fits my bony wrists. A rare treat so I couldn't resist. And who said gold jewelry looks cheap? Pfffttt!!!

The vintage enamel and diamante snake cuff is from a charity shop. Even with a few missing stones, I think it still makes a statement.

And my most recent purchase is an engraved hinged bangle from the 60s. I bought it from a little old lady at Hampstead markets. Her vintage jewelry was divine and I had to buy something beautiful that no one else would be wearing.

Once I decided on a bangle, there was a small dilemma on silver or gold. The gold bug bite from Paris took effect and now I'm converting. More gold to come!

Just need some advice since I can't bear to take off my silver rings - is it OK to mix gold with silver?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Global Keratin Hair Taming Treatment Review - Real "After" Photos

The "after" photos of Brazilian treatments are most likely taken after GHD-ing the hair for ages. It's done in the final stage of treatment to set the keratin. Beware that those pictures won't necessarily depict the true results so don't be fooled!

The above pics were taken after I washed for the first time (4 days after the treatment). I used Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo with Juvexin and air dried my hair. This is to judge the treatment unaided by heat styling.

As you can see, there is a little frizz and my hair is slightly wavy. But take my word for it when I proclaim that it's far better than before I had the treatment. So you know, my natural hair is brittle, fine, frizzy and very wavy.

My hair is now the shiniest I've ever seen and oh-the-softness! I'm addictively touching my hair and telling friends to touch the back of my head. (Strange, I know.)

I shed more than usual after the first wash and noticed a little heat damage. Nothing too alarming though. When the hairdresser said there would be NO damage, I think it applies to people with thick hair only.

She said the treatment provides full heat protection but I wonder how can any product do that? A chicken basted with heat protectant is still going to cook at the temperature of a GHD.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox now and contine stroking my new hair.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Global Keratin Straightening & Taming System with Juvexin

Just posted a new Youtube video!

Hope this treatment is the answer to unruly frizzy hair and worth the money. I paid £130 for the treatment including the Global Keratin shampoo. My hair is stick straight now but I can't wait see it after I've washed it for the first time.

Will post the results in 4 days...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MAC Cleanse Off Oil - Huille Demaquillante

I bought this when I ran out of DHC oil cleanser in New York. Actually it was trial satchet and I loved it so much, I looked everywhere for a substitute.

My search was initially hopeless because I couldn't even find Shu Umeura High Performance Oil in the stores. Not even in Sephora. Was horrified to hear it's been discontinued. (The stuff was so popular, how could they?) Let's hope it reincarnates soon.

It was midnight and I was STILL looking for an oil cleanser. Finally I bought this in the Times Square MAC store. Phew!

MAC's Cleanse Off Oil is a strong contender in the oil cleanser market. It's gentle on your skin and makes it feel soft. It even removes waterproof mascara without tugging or harsh rubbing.

This product is a little runnier than DHC and Shu. Once dispensed I have a quickly spread it around or it drips through my fingers. Has a light fruity scent. It won't sud like the other cleansing oils. Cleanse Off turns milky and rinses clean with warm water.

Contains olive, primrose and jojoba oils so it's mineral oil free.

I still need a foaming cleanser to feel squeaky clean. But this is better than using make up removing wipes/pads because there's little friction to cause lash loss.

My verdict? DHC oil is still my first preference because it's richer and foams. MAC is a close second because it's widely available and better value for money.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Barry M Nail Paint Mushroom

Also known as a close dupe for Chanel Particuliere. Barry M's Mushroom is a touch browner but just as gorgeous.

Mushroom is a classy neutral grey brown. It's a wonderfully creamy and pigmented formula. No streaks at all. Dries to a shiny finish with good lasting power.

Notice how my pointy fingernail is wonky shaped? I broke it while cycling. Cursing because I had a 3 week manicure booked at Nails Inc! Now I have to wait another week to even out the length of my nails.

Barry M products are currently on sale at Superdrug. I got two nail paints for £5 so indulge ladies!


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