Monday, August 30, 2010

Rimmel Pro Maxi Brush Royal Rose

I wanted to try the Rimmel Pro line since I heard raves on their Maxi Brush. As you can see below, the brush is wider and flatter than normal. It's about 75mm at it's widest. I found that I only needed one slow stroke for each coat, except for my thumbnails where two is required.

Dark colours would benefit most from this feature as the Maxi Brush promises "mistake free application." Not impossible but certainly easier to apply an even coat.

Royal Rose is a delicately shimmery salmon pink. A fresh summer colour. It's sheer as even after three coats as pictured, I can still see nail whites. Took a while to dry but the shiny finish is worth it.

It says on the bottle "Professional Finish up to 10 days". Will edit this post later to report if that's true!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peekaboo Vintage Quilted Chain Handbag

Lovingly worn, patinaed and slouchy-the holy grail of a vintage leather bag. Caramelized tan so lusciously thick. Quilted and embellished with tiny studs. This bag is like poetry.

I almost fainted when I found it but the price tag said £65. It's most I've spent on a vintage bag. (The equivalent of 10 op shop bags!)

This bag was rebranded by Peekaboo Vintage, available at Topshop Oxford Circus. It had a minor repair in the lining but that's the only fault. Tried to find any excuse not to buy it but to no avail. The bag is vintage so I'd never see the same anywhere else.

So seriously now, no more window shopping because it will only lead to trouble!

Singer Featherweight 100 Sewing Machine - My New Toy

Pulling a random thread on my skirt resulted in me completely unravelling the hem. So rather than taking it to the tailors, I bought this itty bitty sewing machine.

It's extraordinarily compact, well constructed and the name "Featherweight" is fitting. I paid £45 for mine but if you're patient, you can get one cheaper from Ebay.

Professional repairs are not cheap in London and I only need to repair 5 garments to break even.

I had missed my sewing machine from home. When I was kid, I hand sewed a pair of ballet slippers from a pink gingham teatowel. I expected Mum to be cross when she found out but she recognised my hobby and bought a sewing machine.

We did'nt have much money to buy clothes so I made what I could'nt afford. I used it to make my school skirt, formal dress and hundreds of customised singlet tops for sale on Ebay. Not to mention all the countless repair jobs and trouser hemmings.

This sewing machine operates beautifully. Looking forward to continuing my love of sewing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mango MNG Nautical Jacket & Amanda Wakeley Top

A quick post to share this Mango cropped jacket I bought for £10. It's lightweight and made from comfy cotton. Love the stripes and buttons featuring anchors.

The silver tank top is from Amanda Wakeley, a British designer. Made from slinky silk and only £4.90. Despite what it says on the label, I machine washed it and it turned matt. I don't mind since I can wear it during the day and it still feels luxe.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Parisian Summer Weekend

Linking in a recent post from my livejournal blog, emmakins888. Hope you enjoy.

A Parisian Summer Weekend

Sephora La French Manicure Nail Polish

If I'm in a hurry, I use Sephora's La French Manicure which is a natural nail polish and whitening base in one. I suspect this is discontinued now but I've seen similar products in the market.

This has been labeled to give an "immediate french manicure effect" which means you don't need to apply white tips. It subtlety whitens your nails. The clear base has a slight blue tinge to offset yellowness and the natural nail polish adds creaminess to your nails.

The results are a very natural looking manicure but it does'nt replace a french mani from the beautician's. The brilliant thing about this product is the convenience as it's compact for traveling and it's two products in one.

Definitely a staple for the lazy like me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MAC Gaga Viva Glam Lipstick

I finally bought the coveted Lady Gaga lipstick which was sold out for ages. This colour is bang on trend from the Viva Glam range. Every cent of it's selling price is donated in support of people living with HIV and AIDS.

The pale pink is gorgeous and it doesn't look lavender on me. When I first put it on though, it looked ridiculous. Pastey pink lipsticks look strange on pigmented lips. (Try saying that as a tongue twister!)

However if you apply with a light hand, you can wear it as an everyday lipstick. It also balances out heavy eye makeup. The colour intensity is buildable because the lipstick is sheer.

The texture is creamy and softly vanilla scented. But as with most pale colours, it's unforgiving on chapped lips. Make sure t0 exfoliate and apply lipbalm first.

I wear Gaga as a staple now. Go get it girls before it goes out of stock again!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Herman Brown Vintage Silk Scarf & Lucite Hairclip

I'm back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with two souvenirs, a hand painted silk scarf and a lucite hair clip. They're from the vintage clothing store Herman Brown.

The owner Anna Nicholson gave me some tips on how to wear large square scarves like this one:

1) folded over the diagonal and knotted at the back, cowl necked style.
2) folded over at 1.5 inches intervals from a side and knotted around the neck.
3) loosely rolled over the diagonal and knotted at the center of the decolletage.
4) crumpled over the diagonal and tied over a handbag handle.
5) Worn as a head scarf, belt or sarong.

I'm told that the lucite mother of pearl hair clip is from the 50s.

If you're after a unique accessory, do have a look in vintage shops. You will not see the same item anywhere else and it will be a classic.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More LV Neverfull Monogram PM Pics

To give the LV lovers out there a closer look at the Neverfull PM. And Pink Monkey says: "Oh hai!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull PM Review

You're probably thinking "what the..." when you're reading about LV on this blog but I confess that I splurged.

I went to Paris for the weekend to meet a dear girlfriend and an innocent day of shopping ended with as an uncontrollable spree. We visited the Champs Elysees LV store and when I saw this bag, there was nothing stopping my appetite to acquire pretty things.

The Neverfull models are relatively cheaper compared to other LV bags. I chose the PM because it sits well on my frame and does'nt engulf me. The larger bags (MM and GM) did'nt cost that much more.

Although the PM is the smallest size, it's roomy and the side straps can be loosened to expand the bag further. One initial complaint is that the shoulder straps are thin so they're a bit painful if you're carrying a full bag. I'm sure they'll eventually soften over time.

I keep bits and bobs in a clear plastic zip case so I don't need to scoop out the entire contents of the bag to find something.

Some people say that the bag is reversible but personally I would'nt do it. Seems counterintuitive when coated canvas is a lot more durable and stain resistant.

The cloth interior print is quaint. I like how it features the address of the store where I bought it from. The bag is the perfect souvenir!

Needless to say, no more handbags for a long long time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Sole Ballet Flats

My faithful flats are worn to death so I ordered two pairs from French Sole. I'm a hater of heels now.

French Sole (and their US counterpart, London Sole) are feet friendly because they're soft and light. I can imagine them moulding to my feet.

These are in the Simple style although the black ones are cut lower at the toe. The soles are thin so after I wear them once or twice (for extra grip), I'll get rubber ones put on.

For those who are reluctant to buy online without trying on first, the size guide is quite accurate. I'm normally 6 Aus, 3 UK and 36 Euro, and their 37 fits me fine.

The shoe boxes are so freaking cute. The ballet flats were on sale for £40 each and shipping was next-day.

Now I get to wear them in Paris this weekend. Love 'em!


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