Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nails Inc Gel Effect - Porchester Square

I used a half price voucher at Nails Inc for a quick mani. I'm not a fan of getting my nails done anymore because sometimes my nails are'nt properly shaped. Two weeks later they tear because the sides were thinned rather than shaped from the edge. Lazy filing!

I took the opportunity to try the new Gel Effect range and chose this greige. I really like it because it's neutral and chips don't show as easily. 

It's true this nail polish has the gel effect. It's plump and shiny, like vinyl. This is two coats with a top coat. I'm impressed about the staying power and it still looks like shellac. Cracks and the first chip started to show on the fifth day. I think if you're careful, you can make the manicure last a week. 

So if you're having a manicure at Nails Inc, I highly recommend this line of polish. If you buy a bottle from the store, the manicure is only nine or ten pounds extra!

Noxema - Where Have You Been In My Life?

Actually it was in my bathroom for two years. I bought it in the States because there are huge raves for it. I used it once, discovered that it left a greasy film on my face and stowed it away.

Recently I came across a review for Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Polish cleanser, I rushed out and bought it. When thrill of the chase wore off (which happens after I've handed over my money), I realised I already had three types of cream cleansers. And that hot cloth cleansers aren't a new invention. Cream cleansers and flannel cloths have been around for ages.

So I returned the Hot Cloth Polish.

At home there was a tub of Noxema, Ponds Cold Cream and a pump bottle of Missha Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Milk. Bought from years ago and I hadn't even tried them as hot cloth cleansers! I bought a few pure cotton cloths from the cleansing aisle of my grocery store and used the Missha cleanser as a morning cleanser.

Straight up, I didn't think a cream would cleanse my face. But I was wrong. My skin was clean and felt soft. Not tight like with foam cleansers. There was no oily residue after rinsing with warm water and a cotton cloth. I was too lazy to do the proper hot cloth method (where you wring out the cloth soaked in hot water and rub down the skin), but I don't think I needed to.

I realised that cream cleansers are perfect when the air is dry and cold. I took my travel sized tub of Noxema to Iceland and skiing in Italy and it was perfect. I fell in love with it because of the nice clean camphor scent and tingle. Best of it all it rinses cleaner than the Ponds and Missha. You have to know how to get it rinse it off properly because they are basically oil cleansers in solid form.

You need to add a bit of warm water to emulsify it on your face before rinsing off. The cotton flannel helps take it off. Once the cleanser has loosened up, it will rinse off easily.

Although Noxema is in a tub rather than a convenient pump, I like dipping my fingers into the stuff. The texture is like cold whipped cream and feels soothing to rub on your face. It's been used for many years and is still popular today so it must be good!

Since I've made the change to cream cleansers my face feels softer, it glows and believe it or not, I have less blackheads and fine wrinkles.

Noxema is also used for a variety of purposes like removing makeup, soothing sunburn and as shaving cream. UK people can buy it from Amazon or Ebay for about £6.50 for a large tub. I will order when I run out!


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