Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bicester Village Outlet - Mulberry Somerset Purse and YSL Arty Ring

I went to the Cotswolds and did a bit of shopping at Bicester Village. There are heaps of outlets but I only walked into a very select few and bought my first Mulberry.

It's just a small purse. I like ones I can fit in my hand. This is the Somerset zip around purse in chocolate. The leather is pebbled and smells amazing. It was £150, reduced to £105.

And I finally bought a YSL Arty ring. This is a size 6 which fits comfortably on my middle fingers. It was £165, reduced to £110 plus 50% off. I won't say it was a steal because it's basically acrylic and gold plated brass, however £55 is a pretty good deal. There are quite a few Arty rings left in different styles and sizes, even in 4 (no Ovale ones though). 

I found out later that the Arty ring will be discontinued soon so that's why they've gone on sale! Doh :( 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Vaseline Hand And Nail Lotion

Although the label has modernised from the product I used as a teenager, the results are still the same. This hand lotion is the best value and it really works to make hands soft and nails strong. 

You can buy Vaseline Hand and Nail lotion cheaply in the UK. I started using it again a month or so ago and after I got used to the scent (not as nice as how I remembered or different to back home in Oz) I can't bear to be with out it. My nails have actually strengthened so much that I can grow out white crescents and not break.

I could never grow my nails and now look! I like how healthy my nails feel and look so much that I'm not even wearing nail polish anymore. So if you think your nails are brittle, definitely give this a try. It took a week for me to notice a difference to the appearance and strength of my nails. I love it! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cat Eye Sunglasses

A new charity shop opened up on my street. Whoopee! I love Saturday mornings in London. 

I went for a stroll today to the shops and bought a dress, scarf and these sunglasses. 

They make a statement don't they? 


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