Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana and Zara Stiletto Heels

It must be my lucky day. Found these Dolce & Gabbana and Zaras for a steal! £9 for the D&G and £5 for the Zara. Both in good nick.

Before anyone reels back in horror, please bear in mind that I'm super picky when buying used shoes. I won't touch them if they look worn. They must be practically new with little wear on the soles. (It's pricey replacing heel tips, especially when cobblestone footpaths are everywhere.)

I disinfect shoes by wiping the insides throughly with alcohol and letting dry them in the sun. Have'nt had caught any nasties using this method. So if you find new looking shoes in an op shop, don't be afraid to buy them!

NB-Wanted to make a point that I buy new shoes too. Just waiting to go to NY where designer shoes are plentiful and on sale!

Monday, May 24, 2010

American Apparel Berry

This is the last of the nail polish set from American Apparel, Berry. The colour is how I'd imagine plum juice to look like. The point where mauve turns to red. In natural light, you can see the purple undertone.

While the colours are unique, I would'nt buy AA nail polishes again unless I can find them cheaper. They are glossy, creamy and well pigmented, but they don't last long and the brush is the biggest let down. It's way too long. Globs of nail polish dribbles down as you apply. If I'm too slow, I end up with a layer that floods the cuticles.

If AA improves their brushes, I'd think they are worth their UK RRP. I would never fault them on their colours though. They are amazing!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Apparel Poppy

This is the second nail polish I ordered from American Apparel. Hoping to buy more in NY since they're cheap and the colours are amazing. I also like the shape of their bottles since they take less space.

Poppy is neon orange red. Corals are on trend at the moment but does'nt suit my skin tone. It pops (pardon the pun!) on paler skin but it makes my hands look sallow.

The consistency of this polish is not as smooth as Mount Royal. I found it streaky and the brush does'nt splay as easily as I would like. I had to use numerous strokes to distribute the polish as it runs down the stem of the brush quickly.

Poppy did'nt last as long on my nails. I had to remove it by the fourth day. Please let these problems be isolated because I love everything else about AA polishes!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quirky Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Went window shopping in St Johns Wood, my old neighbourhood. There is a beautiful dress-jewellery store on the high street called Hana Lee.

They have gorgeous pieces and I almost bought a necklace for £49. It was so stunning I did'nt even wince at the price. Fortunately I shook out of it and remembered that I'm going to New York next month.

Oxfarm was a few doors down and what did I find? This quirky pearl necklace for £4. A bargain substitute for my near purchase. Not a bad price for freshwater pearls and the faceted glass jewels are just lovely.

I wore it to work and my colleague pointed out that the evil eye charm was hallmarked. It was stamped on the back "925" which meant it was sterling silver. Nice!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleek Kajal Eyeliner - Nocturnal

This is the new eyeliner from Sleek. Since I love their Storm eyeshadow palette and Face Contour Kit, I thought I'd give it a go.

Superdrug currently have a 2 for £7 offer. They are normally £3.99 each. I bought two in black (called Nocturnal) but there is also a metallic purple colour available.

The Kajal eyeliner is similar to a lipstick except it's pointed like a crayon. There's a cute black ribbon attached it. You're supposed to use the eyeliner on it's sides to maintain the point. (I accidently put the lid on mine and that's why it's blunt!)

My Indian friend uses the traditional version of Kajal. Her eyeliner is intensely black and her eyes look amazing.

The Sleek Kajal eyeliner consistency is creamy and easy to blend for smokey eyes. It's very black and if you apply it heavily, it's wet/waxy in appearance. You can apply Kajal on your waterline but I find it too uncomfortable.

While it looks OK in the picture below, within 10 mins the eyeliner had smudged everywhere. I blink and it transfers under my eyes. Within half an hour, I look like a racoon! To make do, I only apply it along my lower lash line but I still need to wipe away smudges.

So I'm really disappointed with this product. It's messy and despite what the box says, it's not long lasting. I returned the second Kajal eyeliner. Sorry Sleek, this is not your best product!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How To Punch Holes In Belts

If you want to convert a hip belt to a waist belt or need more holes for a better fit, a hole punch tool, pencil and ruler is all you need.

I bought my tool from Ebay for £3.75 including shipping. You can also use it to punch holes in wristbands too.

Measure and mark where the new holes should be on the underside of the belt. Press with a slightly blunt pencil to leave an impression. That way there will be no permanent markings.

Select a hole size to match the existing holes. Carefully position the punch in line with a marking and squeeze until you hear a snap. You may need to twist the belt a little to ensure a clean cut. Release and presto, you have a new notch on your belt!

I've converted my thin hipster belts to waist belts. Since they are extra long on the end, they can be worn looped around as shown below.

My shoe repair shop charges £1 to punch two holes. With my hole punching tool, it's faster, easier and cheaper to DIY.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oushka Leather Handbag

I'm finding op shop goodies every weekend, buying only things I need like work clothes and ahem, more handbags.

I recently discovered an awesome string of charity shops in West Hampstead. Spent hours there on Saturday morning hunting for pretty things. I like to unwind this way and my heart even races when I find something special.

The shops in West Hampstead are tidy and the stock is good quality. I bought a French dictionary for 99p because I'm learning French.

Check out this itty bitty handbag from London label, Oushka. It was £3.50. Can't believe the previous owner gave this baby away.

The bag is in brand new condition. I love the soft slouchy leather and gold hardware. Only fits the bare essentials but who cares for a bargain like this!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I bought this on sale at Boots for £8. It's expensive for a drugstore brand mascara but holy crap, the results are amazing!

The mascara comes in a big fat tube like Lash Blash. It's chunky and gives the impression that it MUST deliver super fat lashes. On the practical side, it's good for gripping. The brush is also fat, tapered at the end and made of rubber bristles. I love it. It distributes the product evenly and separates like a dream. There's no clumping which means no spider legs.

This mascara noticeably boosts the volume and length of my lashes. It curls if you sweep upward as you apply. From the first coat, my lashes look long and lush and by the third coat, there is a false lash look.

False Lash Effect does'nt smudge and lasts all day without flakes. In the picture, the mascara had been on for 10 hours. (Note my lashes are normally poker straight, short and thin.)

This is now my HG mascara. Cheaper and more effective than Diorshow and Pupa's Diva Lashes. Go try it girls!


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