Sunday, July 10, 2011

L'Oreal Double Extend/Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara

I've been on a mascara spree and thought I'd test out two step mascara. Could they be better than the ordinary kind?

One end is the white primer and the other stuff. I say that because the primer provides the extension of lashes but the black stuff does'nt seem to do anything but coat them. A bit pointless considering you might as well turn the primer black and that's your typical one step mascara.

This mascara definitely lengthens but does nothing for volume. If I applied too much primer, my lashes clump together. Anything more than two coats causes them to go spidery. Also if you don't wait for the primer to dry first which some suggest that you don't, your lashes look ashy. That is unless you pile on the black stuff and again, they will look clumpy.

Removal is easy. Just with warm water and a little bit of friction. The tubes slide right off.

It's a fun change from ordinary mascaras but it does'nt live up to the hype. Cheaper than Fiberwig but I think Fiberwig looks more natural and does'nt make your lashes feel stiff.

Edited to add: Made a fantastic discovery. Ditch the black side and use Fibrewig on top of the primer. It really holds the curl and makes you look like you're wearing falsies!

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