Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rayban Wayfarer 2140-A Asian Fit. Yes It Exists!

If you're Asian, chances are you've had problems fitting big plastic frames. I've wanted Rayban Wayfarers for ages but they they slide down my face. When I smile, my cheeks smudge the lenses. Ever had this happen to you?

It's especially frustrating because I wear glasses and have the same problems finding  frames. I have two pairs of new glasses going to waste because they don't fit and stick on silicone nosepads fall off. I'm still wearing the same plastic frames from 10 years ago because they actually fit me! The glasses are made by Ray Ban so they must be doing something right-especially when I found out they make an Asian Fit for Wayfarers.

I managed to track them down on Smartbuyglasses (known as Visiondirect in Australia). The catch is that I had to wait months for my order to be located in Hong Kong, sent to the company's warehouse and then dispatched. The latter step was really quick because they use a courier service, however they did at first send a normal fit pair in error and that was after six weeks of waiting! They offered a 5% discount for waiting (twice) so it worked out to only cost £80 including shipping. However these ones are made for the Asian face which is better than anything I could buy on the high street. 

The first I noticed was the frames are huge for a 54mm lens. So ladies, be aware this is the bug eyed version. Most opt for the 50mm lens and the classic style is the 47mm (which I found too small for my face.) 

The nose pads are more prominent than normal and I think narrower too (perhaps this might just be because of the 54mm lens version). I will have to get the arms adjusted so they fit around my ears but after that, they are a perfect fit! No cheek smudges and no falling down my nose. 

So if you have a low nosebridge, consider the Asian fit. It really does exist. If only Rayban did them for prescription frames, I can finally replace my current glasses!

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