Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner Review

Just a short and sweet post about Vitapointe.

I saw it at Savers and it was really cheap £1.60 for a 30ml tube. It was the right size for travelling and you can also get the 50ml tube for £2.10 (which I bought as a second tube for home after I tried this!)

I like the simple packaging and the fact it's applied like a body moisturiser, only to hair like Vita5 Hair Booster from Australia. Feels more like I'm moisturising and not just using a serum or oil to coat hair. The conditioner is a bit oily looking and you only need a pearl size glop and no more. I spread on my palms and smooth it through my ends.

The stuff smells powdery like baby soap and it really does make dry ends feel softer. It reduces frizzies and makes my hair smell nice. I will always go back to this simple but effective stuff!

Edited to add: This stuff contains mineral oil so I've given it a rest as I'm trying to go all natural. I'm now using coconut oil.

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