Friday, October 18, 2013

Shikaka, Alma, Aritha Powders and Coconut Oil For Hair

Just a quick update on my new hair regime of Ayurveda products. I just got my hair trimmed and want to change to all natural products. No sulfates, no chemicals and no silicones. 

I bought these powders and a small bottle of pure coconut oil from an Indian grocery store for £3.75. So cheap for all four products! 

For two weeks now I've only used shikakai and aritha to wash my hair and I'm still experimenting on the best way to use them. At the moment I'm putting a teaspoon of each into a small squirt bottle and adding about a cup of boiling water and massaging it to dry hair. 

The good news is that my hair feels smoother, softer and it's shinier than ever. The bad news is that even after a day of my hair being washed, it is ridiculously greasy at the back of my head. I'm going to stick to using a thick paste rather than "tea". Hopefully the oilies calm down. 

I have'nt used the alma yet but I will add it to the mix soon!

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