Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nails Inc Gel Effect - Porchester Square

I used a half price voucher at Nails Inc for a quick mani. I'm not a fan of getting my nails done anymore because sometimes my nails are'nt properly shaped. Two weeks later they tear because the sides were thinned rather than shaped from the edge. Lazy filing!

I took the opportunity to try the new Gel Effect range and chose this greige. I really like it because it's neutral and chips don't show as easily. 

It's true this nail polish has the gel effect. It's plump and shiny, like vinyl. This is two coats with a top coat. I'm impressed about the staying power and it still looks like shellac. Cracks and the first chip started to show on the fifth day. I think if you're careful, you can make the manicure last a week. 

So if you're having a manicure at Nails Inc, I highly recommend this line of polish. If you buy a bottle from the store, the manicure is only nine or ten pounds extra!

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