Saturday, April 4, 2015

DIY Leave In Hair Moisturiser

My hair is suffering dryness and I can't even pass my fingers through it without it getting tangled. Resisting the urge buy a new hair product I made do with what I had a home. 

It took a bit experimenting because you have to get the balance right with the ingredients. Too much glycerin and it makes my hair sticky. Same with oils-you don't want an oil slick.  

Because of the lack of added preservatives, I only made enough to fill a 50ml spray bottle. 

Rosewater (or distilled water)
Sweet almond oil or any other light oil
Vegetable glycerine
Silicone free conditioner such as Suave Naturals

From my first mix of 90% rosewater, 5% almond oil and 5% glycerine, my hair felt sticky and knotted easily. It needed slip so I diluted the mix with a tablespoon of silicone free conditioner. I need to shake it every time I use it because the conditioner floats on top. But aside from that, it was the missing ingredient to help smooth my hair. The ceteryl alcohol in the conditioner helped to emulsify the ingredients.

My hair still felt sticky so I added more water. Still not sure if glycerin works for me - it seems fine after it dries off. It's in the mix because it serves as a humectant (reduces the loss of moisture).

I spray this after washing and whenever my ends feel dry. It works to soften my ends and adds shine. DIY saves money and space from storing yet another hair product in my bathroom!

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