Friday, May 20, 2016

Romwe Review - What You See vs The Reality

I was enticed by the cheap fashionable clothes from the website Romwe and made my first order. I bought the sweatshirt below, taking note of the measurements given. I even used a tape measure to make sure I was getting the right size because I knew returning it would be a hassle, or rather, not worth it. I bought a size Small, although the sleeves might be too long for me.

Two weeks later (that's with expedited shipping) I received this. It was tiny, looking more like a shrunken thermal top. The sleeves went as far as my mid forearms. I could barely stick my head through the neckhole! The measurements on the website were completely wrong. 

Not only was the sizing off, the material stated on the website was wrong. Instead of "cotton", the top was made from a cheap synthetic material, not far off from polyester from the 70s. This was so disappointing. The website's product descriptions are inaccurate and the clothing is hardly like how it's pictured. It's not worth getting partially what I bargained for, especially if I can't even wear it.

With their inbox-only style of customer service and returns at my own cost, I didn't bother to deal with Romwe again. But I didn't let it all go to waste. I re-fashioned the top into these two snazzy zip up pouches. Not bad huh?


  1. OMG! Didn't know that romwe would do such frauds.

    1. Sadly a classic case of you get what you pay for!



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