Monday, April 20, 2009

Black UGG Australia Boots

Most Aussies groan when they see Ugg boots in public. They were originally for keeping your feet warm indoors. Now the Australian icons are street footwear. Lower and upper classes alike have no concerns of being seen in such oversized lumpy boots!

I've converted since moving to London because with the climate-they are a necessity! It's cold in Sydney so it's time to invest in a tall pair.

Tried on a few non-branded ones in Flemington Markets and some shoe shops. They were cheaper but no way as soft and furry as the Uggs Australia ones. Fortunately Myer had a 30% off sale on boots so I snapped up a pair for $209 AUD!

Not a steal but a very good shop price. Especially compared to how much they are sold for in the UK and US. I remember seeing the equivalent boots duty free in London for £180!

Who wants to go to work freezing in cold boots when you can enjoy sheepskin comfort? 

1 comment:

  1. I want a pair of Uggs so badly now that the weather is cold. My husband and I got my mom a pair of Ugg slippers one year, and they were the softest things I've ever stepped foot in!



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