Monday, May 4, 2009

Butterfly Nail Stickers

How cute are these nail decals? I was walking past a tinky-winky (cutesy Asian) stall in Auburn shopping centre and saw lots of nail art accessories. They had heaps of fake airbrushed embellished nails and nail stickers.

This pack was the most tasteful out of the lot and for only $2AUD, it was enough to brighten my day. 

Applying them was easy, although I short-cut it and did'nt use tweezers. You should use tweezers because if you drop them on the wrong place and have to pull them off, they lose their grip. 

Pictured below is my first lazy attempt at "nail art". This is Essie Virgin Orchid (No. 421).  The stickers feel a bit scratchy but next time, I'll apply the top coat thicker to mask this. That should also increase their staying power.

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