Sunday, October 3, 2010

Selfridges The Shoe Galleries & Repetto Ballet Flats

On a rainy Saturday I visited Selfridges to check out it's newest installment of The Shoe Galleries. It was packed with frenzied shoe fans and I did'nt have the patience to wonder about. As soon as I spotted the Repetto concession, I zeroed in.

Since trying on a pair of Repetto flats in Paris, I never forgot the suppleness of the leather and the comfort. Weeks later, I was still oogling these shoes on the internet.

Fortunately I found the colour I wanted, Rose Amour (fuschia) in the lushest pebbled leather. The shoes were £165, pricier than France (same price but in Euros.) They are come in an elegant and collapsable box.

Like with London/French Sole, you need to go up a size. I'm normally a size UK 3 or 36 Eur and Repetto size 37 fits. Repetto's are lined with cotton and are of finer quality than London/French Sole. The joy of Repetto flats is the fit because the leather is lush and moldable to your feet.

There is a complimentary photo booth in the Galleries where you can take photos with your new purchases. It's an embarrassingly cheesy concept but I'm keeping my photo as a momento of my first Repettos!


  1. Gorgeous shoes and colour! Love the photo booth!!

  2. Let me know how your flats go - I'm hunting for the perfect ballet flats!

  3. Thank you for the compliments. I wore the shoes today and they are amazing. My feet look so happy!

    Christine-I defo recommend Repettos. They are the most comfy flats I ever tried.

  4. So jealous... I've been coveting Repettos for quite some time now!



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