Tuesday, September 28, 2010

London Fashion Weekend 2010

Here I am at London Fashion Weekend!

I was excited, hoping to get a true flavour the industry-only event of London Fashion Week. I thought hard about what to wear and if I was inadvertently channelling Betty Suarez.

But there was nothing to be worried about. If you come to London Fashion Weekend, nothing is exclusive and there's no real dress code. You pay for entry, the catwalk show and showbag. It's really a place for designers to showcase/flog their wares.

And the catwalk show? Brought to you by Special K. I'm not joking. They played sponsor's ads between each show and the hostess kept flogging brands like an infomercial. Why-oh-why do we have to pay to watch ads???

If you want to feel like Anna Wintour, you must have a front row seat. Otherwise when the first model swans out, everybody's Blackberry, iPhone and compact camera springs out, blocking your view.

Blatant advertising aside, the catwalk show was enjoyable and inspiring. Looks like 70s and 80s fashion is a trending theme for this autumn/winter season.

Designer sales were plentiful but not worth the hype. The prices are similar to sale prices in department stores. Advertised Sass & Bide clothing barely filled a rack. There was a oversupply of Juicy Couture tracksuits and a minute range of London Sole flats.

Some girls brought suitcases to carry their shopping but I only felt obliged to buy after an hour of browsing and walking up and down stairs.

Nothing caught my eye until I saw these mega-cute Les Nereides earrings!

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