Thursday, December 23, 2010

Calgary Thrift - Value Village/Savers

Hello from snowy Calgary! I'm here skiing and relaxing for a week and a bit.

I'm staying with my friend's lovely family. His Mom has an interest in thrifting and when she offered to take me to a thrift shop, I jumped at the opportunity.

She took me to Value Village, or "Value Vill-arge" (how the French might say!) It's known as Savers in the US. It is the biggest thrift shop I've ever seen, unlike those run by lil' old ladies back at home.

There were clothes as far as the eye can see. Off to the sides were shoes, bric-a-brac, books and kitchenware.

My friend's Mom took a wheeled shopping basket to drag her purchases around. They looked too big but I took one too and I'm glad because it filled up quickly.

The prices were not as cheap as I hoped but this was a commercially run thrift store. Tops and jeans start from 6 CAD and coats from 15 CAD. When I got to the books, I was in nostalgia heaven. Look what I found!

After an hour, I finally narrowed down my purchases. I bought a pair of Bluenotes boyfriend jeans (8 CAD), black furry coat (15 CAD), 5 Sweet Valley High books (4 CAD), and a Kitchen Aid frypan (4 CAD).

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