Sunday, June 12, 2011

ELF Nail Polish - Light Red

Not an imaginative colour name, eh? It's self explanatory looking at the bottle but with two coats on, it's hot chilli red.

I got this nail polish as a free gift with my first ELF order and even at the normal price of £1.50, I'm impressed. I've seen alot of bad reviews on ELF nail polishes but this one is a winner. The pigmentation is excellent and the formula is creamy. I have two coats on in the picture.

For mail order, I thought the window boxed packaging is excessive. According to the box, the polish has a "revolutionary bristle design (which) glides color on flawlessly." I did'nt think so although it wasn't a terrible brush. Probably a wee thicker than normal but that's it. One thing which did live up to the promise was the "quick dry formula for no mess application". A must for reds. I'll be wearing red more often than usual now!

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