Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miu Miu Matalasse Malva Handbag

I went into Selfridges for a cup of tea but there was a long queue at the cafe.

So I stopped by Miu Miu on my way out and fell in love with this bag. The leather is gorgeous and the Matalasse quilting stands out from the other bags. Malva is a well pigmented raspberry pink colour. It smells luscious!!!

Although it's a small shoulder bag, it holds alot for it's size. I managed to fit my purse, lipgloss, eyedrops, iPhone, earphones, hand cream and cardigan.

I convinced myself to get it for two reasons:

1) "Value" for money: The small Mulberry Alexa was £545, which holds just as much. This bag is £295.
2) I carry alot so I'm going to distribute the weight over a tote bag and this bag. I'm sick of getting my hair snagged under a heavy handbag strap.

It's my only luxury buy of the year, I've decided. I only went into Selfridges for a cup of tea!

1 comment:

  1. I love the handbag that you featured here... I wish i can find the same miu miu bag near here.



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