Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Models Own Wah Nails Smash Up Crackle Polish

I'm not big on the crackle trend but I got this free with purchase of two Models Own polishes. They also have crackles in silver, purple and hot pink. I chose black too keep things simple.

The consistency is thinner than a normal nail polish. Instructions say a thin coat gives the best result. If too it's thick, there is little or no crackle effect. However if it's too thin, it looks scratchy and inconsistent.

The crackle pulls away from the base within seconds. If you paint over it again, it drags off the effect so an even application is required with each stroke.

The crackle dries matt so it looks more "polished" (ha ha, sorry) after a top coat. In this picture I used ELF Light Red as a base. Despite what the instructions say, you don't need to use it over a Model's Own nail polish.

The combination is a little too dark for my skin tone. Still, it's fun and attention grabbing. Lazy nail art I reakon. Will post more combos soon!

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