Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Early Sleek Eyeshadow Palette & Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner Review

I was in Hackney this weekend and look what I found at an ethnic hair supply shop.

On the left, is a rare Sleek mini eyeshadow palette. I thought it was cute and a steal compared to the latest drugstore versions. It was only £1.99. It has 18 colours and a sponge applicator.

There were heaps of kajal eyeliners on offer and after my poor review of the Sleek version, I thought I'd give kajal another chance. I choose the Blue Heaven brand because of there was English on the packaging. It says it's lead free which is a go-ahead for me. There were a few other far fetched qualities of the product, like it soothes and cool eyes. I'm not convinced of the effectiveness since it's only eyeliner but I like the idea how it's mega-compact and only 99p!

So a preliminary review on the Sleek eyeshadows. I've only used two neutral colours so far and the colour payoff is very good. It has a smooth and creamy consistency but lasting power is not a good as the latest versions. I still like it and the best part is the price so I could'nt ask for more!

As for the Blue Heaven kajal, I like the minimalist packaging and how there's less chance of me accidently blunting the point by closing the lid on it. The pigmentation is excellent, much like the Sleek version. It applies easily and it's very soft. The downside is that it smudges like crazy, despite what it says on the packaging. 

Smudging is a good thing but after few blinks, I have raccon eyes. I'll try waterlining (which I think is weird and unnatural) and see if it travels less. 

When a product is that soft and creamy, it will smudge easily. There seems to be no exception around this law of physics.

Bullet shaped packaging with holographic sticker for authenticity.

The kajal is "self sharpening". Therefore it must be applied it on a slant.

The traditional Indian way of applying kajal is to hold it on your waterline, close your eye gently and swipe it outwards. That way, both your top and bottom lids are lined and you keep the tip sharp. This explains the conical shape of kajal. 

I want to love this product as it ticks all the other boxes. I will persevere!

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