Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleek Kajal Eyeliner - Nocturnal

This is the new eyeliner from Sleek. Since I love their Storm eyeshadow palette and Face Contour Kit, I thought I'd give it a go.

Superdrug currently have a 2 for £7 offer. They are normally £3.99 each. I bought two in black (called Nocturnal) but there is also a metallic purple colour available.

The Kajal eyeliner is similar to a lipstick except it's pointed like a crayon. There's a cute black ribbon attached it. You're supposed to use the eyeliner on it's sides to maintain the point. (I accidently put the lid on mine and that's why it's blunt!)

My Indian friend uses the traditional version of Kajal. Her eyeliner is intensely black and her eyes look amazing.

The Sleek Kajal eyeliner consistency is creamy and easy to blend for smokey eyes. It's very black and if you apply it heavily, it's wet/waxy in appearance. You can apply Kajal on your waterline but I find it too uncomfortable.

While it looks OK in the picture below, within 10 mins the eyeliner had smudged everywhere. I blink and it transfers under my eyes. Within half an hour, I look like a racoon! To make do, I only apply it along my lower lash line but I still need to wipe away smudges.

So I'm really disappointed with this product. It's messy and despite what the box says, it's not long lasting. I returned the second Kajal eyeliner. Sorry Sleek, this is not your best product!


  1. I love Sleek products and I was wondering if this was good too. What a shame it doesn't last long and smudges everywhere.

  2. Its not so bad if you wear it smudged out. For £4, it's not too much of a loss either way.



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