Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cutex Huckleberry and Sweet Pea-Without and With Flash

What a difference in colour. In real life, they look dirty like the ones on the left.

I was hunting around Ebay for Cutex nail polishes. For anyone over 30, do you remember the bottles with tapered white handles? They were awesome. I love that design and wish they would bring them back.   

Alas no retro bottles were available, although I found two old advertisements from the 80s which I've pinterested

As for Huckleberry and Sweet Pea, I bought these for £2 each including shipping. The colours are rare and unusual. Already I can tell the green will be a mistake-it's looks like watery split pea soup. 

It's too bad the swatches on the internet look vastly different the real thing. So that's why with and without flash pictures are useful!

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