Monday, August 20, 2012

Denman Shampoo Brush

I've laid off on shopping because in saving for my trip to The States. The one thing I've bought recently is a simple and not so new invention, the Denman shampoo brush.

It's basically a remarketed palm brush which I used as a kid. But you're meant to massage your scalp with it when you shampoo. For £2.40 from Amazon, it wouldn't hurt to try.

At first I thought this was a great way to really get my head clean but it never made it to the bathroom. I'd forget to use it and it would probably end up collecting limescale.

So now I keep it in my handbag. With the soft plastic bristles, it works as a Tangle Teezer. Just a cheaper version. It's really handy because as I'm growing my hair out, the ends are knotty and the brush sorts it out very easily. I even prefer it to my Mason Pearson!

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