Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Argan Oil and Hair Growth, Does It Work?

If you are here because you're wondering if you should try Moroccan Oil, don't waste your money. They're another silicone based serum and products like these have been around for years. I have used Mucota Oil and Silk Oil of Morocco and got the same sleek, slippery feel and cosmetic effect of shiny healthy hair.

However I was intrigued with argan oil so I bought a 10 ml bottle which I keep in my handbag. It was from Argan Vie on Amazon for £4 including shipping. Better value for money to buy the pure stuff. It's useful as a smoothing serum after washing and if my excema's flaring up, it seems to calm it down a bit too. If ever my hair feels dry and knotty in-between washes, I'll warm two or three drops on my palm and apply to the ends of my hair.

Argan oil makes my hair more manageable, less flyaway and conditioned. However if you ask me if it's more effective than other oils, I honestly can't tell the difference between coconut, jojoba and argan oils aside from scent. They are all easily absorbed by hair and more natural than putting silicones in your hair.

For hair growth, oils are useful for stretching out trims to retain as much new length as possible. I'm only trimming every 4 months and I have bad split ends. To keep them feeling like straw, I smooth them down with oil.

Another tip to preserve is to use the lowest heat setting if you have to blowdry your hair. Just dry it 70% so it doesnt look wet and then leave it to air dry. If direct hairdryer heat can burn your skin, it will no doubt damage your hair!

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