Wednesday, March 27, 2013

L'Oreal Refinish Microdermabrasion Kit - The Way To New Skin

I was flicking through photos on Facebook and realised my face has aged over the past few years. I decided my new goal was to improve my skin and take better care of it. 

So just a little about my skin. I have large pores and uneven skin tone. Blackheads and pigmentation-I have alot. Fine wrinkles on my forehead are starting to set in.

A few years ago I was recommended chemical peels, in preparation for a 10 year high school reunion. It hurt like hell, like my face was set on fire and then my skin slowly fell off in sheets. Although I got super smooth clear skin, there's no way I'm not going through that again!

Later I had microdermabrasion done by a beautician. My face was smooth and soft after but I did'nt like the method. They used a machine that sucked on my skin for tension and the nozzle was metal and abrasive like a nail file. It was like sanding my face.

So now I want to give a home treatment of microdermabrasion a go. My girlfriend recommended the L'Oreal Refinish Kit. She says it's the best she's ever used and the moisturiser is apparently amazing. The bad news is that it's discontinued in stores but you can still buy it from Ebay. I bought a kit which came from Belgium and the seller provided English instructions. 

The kit comes in two steps. The first is exfoliation and the cream contains aluminium oxide micro crystals. It's gritty and can feel it on your face. I'd say it's on the uncomfortable/sharp side but I guess it needs to be abrasive to do what it's supposed to. After distributing it evenly, rub it gently in circles for a minute and no more. Then rinse off.

Step 2 is moisturising. This cream contains SPF which is needed after a treatment. It sunk straight into my skin which means it's a good formulation and that the microdermabrasion worked. My skin felt radiant and baby soft.

I got a little redness on my face but that went away after a day. I'd recommend doing this before you go to bed the first time, just to give your skin a chance to recover before going out in public. 

I have new soft skin and my pores are less visible. Extractions are super easy. I'm really impressed with this product. So happy in fact, that I bought another THREE boxes on Ebay. Yup, I'm stockpiling!

The instructions say to use it twice a week. I'll post an update here after a few weeks. Can't wait for things to get even better.

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