Monday, December 16, 2013

Swatch Souffle D'or Skin 2004 Fall/Winter - Washing Leather Straps

This Swatch takes casual wear to a new level. I bought it from the charity shop for £8. While it's made of plastic, I think it carries off as a smart looking watch. The watch face is elegant and looks like it's floating. The leather wristband however, has seen better days. 

I took the Swatch to the Oxford Street store and replaced the battery for £6. I also bought a new plastic translucent strap for £7. It's perfect as it's low maintenance, doesn't smell and you can get it dirty and wet. While I was there, I asked a salesperson how much she though the watch was worth and she said £80 as it was from the Skin range. I was pretty stoked to hear that!

As for the leather straps, I used Gliptone Leather cleaner spray, designed for cleaning upholstery to give them a good wash. Their products are amazing for leather. Here's what the straps looked like before-

And after three consecutive treatments, the black gunk melted off and I rinsed with cold water. It's not how you're supposed to treat leather but I had nothing to lose. And after drying, here's what the straps look like. Super clean!

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