Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lacura Expert Day Cream and Renew Q10 Eye Cream

Hello readers! I'm trialling a new blog name as I figure my posts are mainly reviews and about things I buy from the charity shops. Plus I've outgrown my nickname Missy Em, especially since I'm now on the hunt for eeeekk...anti-ageing products!

My eyecream of several years ago is nearly finished. I got it from Aldi in Australia and stopped using it (eyecream for that matter) for a while. Now I realise my eyes are getting wrinkly and baggy that I need to do something about it fast. After I've started using it again, I think it's helped a bit although I will need to accept that I'm no longer a spring chicken and my wrinkles are only going to get worse from now on :(

I bought another eyecream in Boots for dirt cheap while I'll post a review shortly. What I really had in mind was to buy more of the Aldi product since I think Q10 is doing good for my skin and it's really cheap for what you're getting. There's alot of good reviews for Lacura products and most people have said they are of the same quality of more expensive products.

I finally got to a Aldi to to check out their beauty products. This store had quite a few and I bought the same eyecream (now repackaged in a pump bottle) for £2.49 and in a desperate attempt to combat tired and wrinkly skin, I went straight for the Expert Wrinkle Filling day cream which is, shock-DOUBLE the price of their famous Q10 Restorative creams. I'm talking £3.99 here!

The Expert cream has a bundle of active ingredients including their trademarked Mimox X ingredient. I have no idea what it's supposed to do but the name itself sounds impressive :P The cream is packaged in a glass jar that certainly makes you feel like you're getting a much more expensive product. I will try this out for a month and edit this post with a full review.

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