Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Henna" Eyebrow Tinting

I went to Upton Park with a couple of colleagues to a super cheap eyebrow threading salon. I hardly  have eyebrows to thread so I had them tinted. 

It was only £5 and I was told it lasts for two weeks. The lady applied a black paste on my eyebrows and asked me to check the shape before leaving it on for five minutes. At first I was alarmed to see harsh black thick brows but the shape is right.

Up close it was scary looking. Here's what it looks like during and after. I'm a bit stunned because the eyebrows looks filled in but from a normal distance, it actually looks natural!
I asked the lady if she was using indigo but she said it was a "special henna".  For £5, it's something I can afford to do regularly but I think the "bad black henna" is used, the stuff you hear about in temporary tattoo horror stories. 5 minutes is very fast for dye release and the paste is jet black with no smell (henna smells like hay).

  If I do it again, I'll ask the lady to wait a few minutes after cleaning the first eyebrow before doing the next. The one that received the less processing time is less dark.

Update: after three days the tint completely disappeared! I think it's because I don't much eyebrow hair for the tint to cling on to but meh, it was good while it lasted. I won't be doing this again unless they leave it on longer than 5 minutes!

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