Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeojin Bae Turquoise Embroidered Tunic

Found this mini dress for sale on the Vogue Forum. Defying my better judgement to save cash, I met the seller in the city today.

The seller Way Existential had a wardrobe clean out. I was'nt around when Aussie designer Yeojin Bae launched her Target range in 2007. I finally now own a piece from the collection.

The puffed sleeves protect my upper arms from the sun and works with layering in winter. Turquoise is for co-ordinating with my pale magenta Balenciaga Day bag and snakeskin heels (pictured). It is a understated cotton dress and the main detail is on the hem and ends of the belt with embroidery.

The dress is in excellent condition, cleaned and pressed for $25 AUD. In fact, it does'nt look like it's been worn before. I'm glad to have missed to frenzy of it's store launch and instead purchased from a lovely fellow Voguette and Blogger.

Here' s a stock photo of the dress.

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  1. The dress looks much cuter on you than on the model:)



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