Wednesday, March 4, 2009

YSL Touche Eclat - Radiant Touch

Touche Eclat No 3 taken in natural light

Touche Eclat No 3 with flash

Hailed as a miracle product for those plagued with dark undereye circles, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I've now come to the age where sleep no longer has an affect on my dark circles so it's time to "shed some light" on the matter!

I was in Debenhams in London when I first tried this product. There were two colours and they both looked too pale on my hand. I did'nt bother about trying it around my eyes. The sales assistant put it on my friend's and she looked like she was wearing chalk!

Almost gave up on it until I found out that there was a third darker colour. Found it cheap on Ebay from the UK. After shipping, a full sized tube was $35 AUD. It retails for $75 AUD in the department stores and they don't stock the third colour.

Firstly I'm impressed with the slick gold compact brush pen.

The product is easy to dispense. Just press the button on the end and apply with the brush. As an ex-makeup artist, I don't agree with this design in terms of hygiene because the brush carries bacteria and it's difficult to clean. However as a normal person, the packaging is a fantastic convenience!

Bear in mind, this is not a concealer. It has very light coverage and if anything it's a highlighter.

Almost thought I bought a dud. After 15 frantic clicks of the button, a glob popped from the brush. The product has the consistency of liquid foundation and was very easy to blend. You still need to use your fingers to perfect it though.

Proud to say that I'm now a follower. Touche Eclat is indeed a miracle product because it makes you look like you've slept 10 hours and to an extent, makes you look younger too. It's an apricot colour but it illuminates and banishes the dark areas. No 3 was the perfect tone for my tanned skin.

Only a tiny bit is needed to cover the inner corners of my eyes. I've read that you can apply it under your brow bone to make eyes stand out too.

It easily solves the tired look and dark circles so this is a Holy Grail. Will be keeping this handy at all times!

If you're concerned about shelling out alot for a little (as a full sized product is 2.5ml), definatley scout around Ebay. You should find it cheaper than half the retail price. For those with medium to tanned skins, I don't know why No 3 is not at most departments stores so you might be taking a gamble if you can't test it. Since the consistency is light, it will easily blend into your skintone. I think it's worth taking the chance!

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