Sunday, May 24, 2009

Temt Top and Rose Earrings

Just because I have a job now, does'nt mean I'm no longer a tight ass! Shopping for cheap thrills is satisfying and guilt-free. 

Thanks to a Vogue Forum thread re: Temt, I checked the Parramatta store. Was put off for years by their designs and quality. The quality is still dubious but if you're selective, there are definitely value finds. 

Felt like I was splurging by shopping for NEW clothes after being unemployed. Picked up this beige jersey and lace top with cap sleeves for $15 AUD. 

Due to its length, I decided to join the-leggings-as-pants epidemic. So I bought a pair of black leggings for $14 AUD at a Bonds factory outlet. 

OK, I'm a hippocrite. I bagged out this trend but damn it, I want to show off my legs (NB. not bum) because they're my only flattering skinny parts!

Also on my cheap thrills expedition, I bought pink and white rose studs. They're plastic but meh, what's expected for $3.95 AUD?  Been trying to find clay or coral ones since I saw a girl wear a gorgeous pair on a train to Gatwick Airport. 

I particularly remember that trip just because of those earrings.

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