Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peacock Racerback Tank Top

I bought this loose tank top for $2 AUD at the Op Shop. According to the tag, it's made from 100% bamboo fibre. The fabric feels super soft and light, like cotton jersey.

It originally had a band at the hem but I removed it. So now the edge is raw because I don't know how to hem stretchy material.

Is'nt the print pretty? The peacock plumes are embellished with seed beads.

While I was waiting to pay, two women were trying to bargain with the volunteer shop assistant.

They wanted a rice cooker. The shop assistant said it was $7. They put a $5 note on the counter and said it was their final offer.

The shop assistant politely refused but the women persisted. I could'nt hold my tongue any longer.

"They will be plenty of people who would pay $7 for that rice cooker." I said reassuringly, but assertively too.

The women ignored me and pretended to walk away.

"People have been doing that to me all day." The shop assistant shook her head and put the rice cooker under the counter.

I encouraged her to stick to her guns. I knew the women really wanted the rice cooker and they were just being stingy.

For crying out loud, I know I'm stingy but I'd never bargain at an Op shop!

Thirty seconds later, the women finally caved in and forked out the extra $2.

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