Monday, January 25, 2010

Primark Long Smock Shirt

I returned to two of my favorite places in London on Bond Street-Primark and Selfridges.

In Primark, you feel like a millionaire because the clothes are fashionable and cheap.

In Selfridges, you simply WISH that you're a millionaire.

Late Sunday mornings are the best times to go shopping, but you gotta be out of Bond Street by 2pm otherwise it gets super crowded. There's a Sunday six hour trading rule in the UK for large department stores so the streets are relatively quiet before midday.

First stop was Selfridges. They open at 11.30am for browsing but their registers open at midday. I wondered around the designer handbags, weaved through the beauty counters and gawked at the display of very expensive refinery.

I allowed myself one purchase at the MAC cosmetics counter. After all, MAC is cheap in UK compared to Australian prices.

Then it was off to Primark. The store was already packed with shoppers.

Primark is so cheap. People would drag their mesh baskets along the floor while they shopped, filled to the brim with clothes. I saw genuine leather gloves for £3, winter coats from £8, and sequin boleros for £3!

I bought this white cotton shirt for £8. It looks good for summer and winter because the sleeves can be rolled up or down. Was tempted to buy a furry gilet to wear over on top but there's no way I'd survive out in the cold to show it off!

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