Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where Is Missy Em?

Just quick post here, just to let you know that I'm back in London.

Still feels like I'm in a dream and I'll wake up in Sydney anytime. It's freezing, wet and grey. Right now, I'm sitting next to the radiator dreading the moment when I have to step outside.

If it's going to be this cold, it should snow!

On Sunday I went window shopping in Westfield in Shepards Bush. I was particularly enthralled when I was in the giant Boots store. It almost looks like the Sephora in Paris!

Can't wait to start trialling some UK products like Barry M nail polishes. There are heaps of specials on at Boots (and Superdrug) but I'll try to resist until I find a job.

Anyone want to employ me???


  1. holly molly I didnt realise you were going so fast! happy u have arrived safe hun and that sux about the weather, its still hot as usual over here! hope u get a job soon :)

  2. Thanks Skye! I miss Sydney and the sunshine :(



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