Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Rose and Almond Oil Rosy Lips

Since I arrived in London, I felt extremely homesick. I missed my family, my room, the sunshine and the warmth of home.

Now the skies are grey, the ground is soggy and it's so cold my cheeks go numb when I'm outdoors!

On the plus side of London, most things are cheaper than in Australia. I got a nice haircut for £9 and just about anything you buy from the Boots or Superdrug here is cheap.

Yesterday I discovered a discount pharmacy called Savers. I bought Tresemme Heat Defence Spray for $£3.69. While I don't normally use a hairdryer, I have to now because everything takes longer to dry in UK. Wet hair is not pleasant when you're freezing! I'll do a review on this product soon.

Saw this cute pink tin of Vaseline at Boots for £2 and I had to get it. It smells like candied rose petals and imparts a faint tint on your lips. Very moisturising although I find the scent a bit sickly if I use it all the time. It contains rose and almond oil so it does'nt have the same lasting power as plain Vaseline. I keep this tin handy in the house. It's so cute!

On the way back home, I walked over the Camden bridge and a smile spread across my face. It's so pretty surrounded by the glow of fairy lights.

That's when my homesickness went away.

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