Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creme De La Mer - Is It Worth It?

I've finally finished my jar of Creme De La Mer. It took me 2 years (alternating with other moisturisers) but the last dab is as good as the first. What an accomplishment using up hundreds of dollars of face cream! *Places empty jar on mantelpiece.*

I'm sure you're wondering if the stuff is worth it. A bit about the product first. It's a white thick creme which is lightly scented. Looks like Nivea creme except La Mer is thicker. The packaging is luxe. A heavy glass jar with a little spatula. You're supposed to use a pea sized blob, warm it in your hands and pat it on. Apparently it releases some magical powers but I think it's because the creme is rich and you don't want a greasy face.

The creme goes a long way and while it makes my skin feel soft and "nice" (as in I don't have problems using it), it does'nt perform miracles. I would have the same effect with Nivea creme. The so-called Miracle Broth is simply not miraculous for me.

Over the past two years I've collected some fine lines and my T-zone is still congested. My skin has'nt incredibly changed for the better. The creme is functional but very expensive. Would I buy it again? I'd rather shell out for a £5 moisturiser and go on a holiday instead.

If you can afford it, then there's no reason not to give it a try. But if you're scrimping to pay for even just a small jar, rest assured it's not a cure for wrinkles. Don't go beyond your means to buy it because a good drugstore brand can do just as well.


  1. I have a question for you... I am needing to find an empty Creme De La Mer container/jar... do you by chance have any that I could pay you for?? Thanks!

    1. Where abouts are you Emily? It might not be worth shipping outside of the UK.



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