Friday, January 14, 2011

Forever 21 Love & Beauty - Unique Nail Polish

I could'nt resist this nail polish at Forever 21. I got it in in Calgary and there were heaps of colours at the counter. For 3.80 CAD, it's a cheerful splash of colour and frugal friendly.

How does it fare of for a cheapie? Thick and streaky if you apply it too thin. It smudges easily so best not to multitask while it dries. A good top coat is needed to give the bold colour justice. And the brush was a fail-it had a stray one sticking out from the rest. Also the staying power is terrible. It chipped the next day.

On the plus side, I adore the colour. Unique is a creamy mauve pink. The bottle's cute. It makes me want to collect them all from Forever 21!

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