Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Floral Skirt and Cable Knit Sweater

Felt very much like a school teacher in the 80s when I put a belt over a cable knit jumper. I got the jumper from an charity shop for £5 and it's the softest and warmest I own. (American Apparel are currently selling similar sweaters for £57!)

The vintage floral skirt was from Oz. It was $4 and the elastic gathering needed to be replaced. The print was too pretty to ignore so I bought it anyway and fixed it myself.

The skirt was well worn in the 80s and now it survives two more decades and counting!


  1. This so so lovely! A classic look. I am pretty sure I had that skirt in the 80's and I would definitely wear it today! Such a chic look!

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