Monday, April 4, 2011

What's On Your Dresser?

Just having a little fun with Instagram. This is my dresser while I'm housesitting for a friend. It's actually a vintage vanity table with a light above the mirror.

I feel so girly rolling my hair up in bendy rollers in front of it. Remember them? I bought a pack of 6 from an op shop for $1 AUD but you can still get them in Boots.

For wavy curls, I use two at a time trapping the ends of my hair in between and I roll upwards. They stay secure while I'm sleeping and by morning, I have curls! No heat required and they last until I wash my hair. How's that for old fashioned hair tricks?

I bought the hair pick from a vintage fair in Hampstead. The pearl necklace and gold bracelet you might have seen from my previous posts. The elegant bottles of perfume are Penhaligon's. I've sampled them all and their scents are exquisite!

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  1. Mmm pearl necklace and gold bracelet. Niceee



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